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I was talking with a friend the other day and she is trying to make a decision about taking her daugther from the current gymnastics gym to a better one. Her daughter has been at this gym for 5 years and the gym can know longer provide the training her daughter needs to take herself to the next level. My friend was talking about how negative the gym is, how she doesn't like one of the coaches and all the problems the gym has and how it has just brought her daughters self esteem down and she has little or no cofidence. She loves the new gym,which by the way my daughter trains at, she see's the improvement my daughter has made in just a few months and how how they have better coaches and the best program in the state. She is trying to figure out how the car pooling will work and then was trying to find something wrong with the new gym and kept this conversation going for at least 15 minutes until I finally had to say enough. She is afraid of change and has fear so instead of looking at the possibilites on how it will work she is tryint go talk her self out of trying something new that will benefit her daughters greatly. How many of us do that with our own life. We focus on the negative and try to have it all figured out or talk ourselves out of something becasue we are simply afraid. We try to figure out if it will work or how it might not work. Its not up to you. If you have faith, trust God and co-create with him and make the decision and go for it everything will work out. Will it always be easy? No, but if we constantly look for the negative than that is all we will ever find. Its the same way with the economy. I hear so many people talk about how bad things are and how broke they are instead of finding a solution they want to focus on the negative and they surround them self with negativity. I truly believe our words are extreamly powerful and our actions follow our words. Yes, you might be going through something right now with your children, spouse, work or even financially but if you stop focusing on what is wrong and start focusing of what is good and begin to find solutions you will begin to see your life turning around. If not, you will probably find yourself in the same situation next year. Today, begin to find the good in your life stop focusin on how it can't happen and begin to focus on how it can and begin to be more aware of the words you speak. Always remember your words are powerful. As for my friend, I hope if she has her daughter say at the current gym she stops the negativity and becomes a solution instead of the problem and if she decides to take a chance a try something new she will realize once she makes the choice and stops trying to control it everything will work out and it will be worth taking the risk. Remember no matter what we stress out about its not really worth it when you look at the bigger picture. You have one life to live so go out and live it.

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