Trying to figure it out (while eating chocolate)

It seems to me that a lot of blogging, at least when done for reasons other than 'monetizing' your website, is about trying to figure out this goofy world. I'm enjoying saturday morning in bed with my ritual cuppa and Dove Dark Chocolate and WHAM! I read someone's blog post and want to cry. How did that happen? How can I be deeply touched by some stranger across a continent and then an ocean, by little black symbols on a white background? And will MY own words someday maybe touch another heart?

This is real alchemy. Changing little black squiggles into emotion and thought. It's a power and a responsibility. So while I blither and blabber, I will try to keep this perspective: I think we are all just trying to figure out our place in the world, especially now that we are raising WHOLE people up to be be what? Empathetic, useful, joyful adults, I suppose.

i dunno- haven't figured it out yet. Maybe more coffee and chocolate will help.

Question: Why do YOU blog? And what are you learning from it???

I'd love to hear (er, read) you thoughts.

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