I swear it wasn't that long ago that my kids wanted to do EVERYTHING with me.  But lately, I'm starting to realize that maybe I'm not quite as cool as I once thought I was.  (*What the hell?!!*)  Fifth grade is bringing on a whole new desire for independence, and friends are becoming more and more of a fixture for my twins.  I'm learning all too quickly to really appreciate those few and far between moments like this past weekend when I actually get to be a part of their middle school action.

So the plan was for me to take my daughter and her three friends out to dinner and to Open Gym Night at a local gymnastics center.  And it was at Potbelly's that my role for the night was made very loud and very clear.  As I was bringing the food to the table, I realized that I would, in fact, be dining all by my lonesome since the girls were gathered around a four-person tabletop.  Call me a sap, but my heart sank right down into my stomach.

I did my best to shrug it off, even though I must admit I was a little disappointed since this truly was a first for me.  Things were looking up by the time we got to the gymnastics place as the girls were all chatting up a storm with me.  I got a little skip back in my step as we excitedly entered the gym.  Our bubbles were all burst, however, when we learned that Open Gym Night had actually taken place the previous Friday night. Talk about a buzz kill.  I felt like such an ass for getting everyone all pumped up about tumbling their heads off and not being able to do so.

Lucky for me, there was a boxing gym next door with a crazy-nice trainer who gave all four girls a complimentary mini-boxing lesson.  Score one for Cool Mama!  The girls were literally grinning from ear to ear when the lesson was over.  We were all on cloud nine as we drove off to get frozen yogurt.

Fast-forward to the fro-yo place where a little more wind was let out of my sails.  I was once again ousted from the table of giggling ten year olds.   Begrudgingly, I sat off to the side as they laughed and talked about how fun it was to box.

We capped off the night with a little karaoke at a local music cafe, where I managed to get all four hesitant girls up on stage to sing.  Score another one for Cool Mama!  It was the perfect ending to what could have been a disastrous evening.  Everyone had an absolute blast, including middle-aged me.

But I realize that as my kids enter the dreaded pre-teen years, they will no doubt want me around less and less.  (*gulp*)  I can tell they're eating up every little minute of freedom we give them, and that they'll soon be asking for more and more of it.  And dammit, I just don't know if I can take all that!  So if anyone has a time machine and can take me back to when I had two innocent little second graders, I'm calling shotgun in that sucker.

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