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Unlocking The VAULT. One womans journey to build an empire and become the self proclaimed Queen of Jeans!

What am I doing here?

First of all, I never imagined I would be here. The last thing I ever imagined was starting a new business with 2 kids and a very busy life. And now a blog?! We are ALWAYS running. Always going. Practices, school, church, work, home, clean, shop, socialize..it seems there is never a minute of solitude. How in the world would I ever add one more thing into the mix? After all, i do so many things, none of which I feel I do well. Then one day my husband said to me..."are you gonna buy some of those Vault Jeans.?" I had never heard of them. Apparently, he had a friend request from an old classmate who was selling the product. I took a look. "Jeans at home parties? Take home what you love that night? Just get together with my friends, have some drinks and look at authentic DESIGNER denim? No crowded malls, no bad lighting, no poor selection?! What is this I'm reading?!?!? 50% off RETAIL!? What do you mean its not all overpriced to cover the consultants commission?!!?" I could not conceive that a home based business could ever succeed with that as its concept...but at the same time I was more than intrigued. I contacted the rep. She was very friendly and after a few emails I was so sold on the concept that I signed up. I had never been to a party, never seen the product. Was I crazy? Probably, just ask my family, but sometimes it pays off, and boy has it already exceeded my expectations.

After a evening webinar business overview, (Which I spent sitting at my home PC, dressed in PJ's and sipping a cocktail while thinking. "I could get used to going to meetings like this!" ) I decided to fork over the whopping 99 dollar fee to get started. That's right 99. I would have access to thousands of dollars in inventory and I don't pay a dime for it. I even got 50% off my own pair of jeans that would have cost more than 99 at any store or boutique. If I couldn't book any parties I still had a great pair of jeans to wear to my next GNO.

Well, in just 2 weeks time and a few Facebook friend requests later. I had over 8 shows booked. My first week consisted of 3 shows, 2 more booking and a new consultant signed up. Not to mention more money in 12 hours worth of partying per hour than I have ever made. Let me add I am not a sales person and I have another full time job. If  I can make this work, anyone can! My shows were easy and relaxed. Lay out the jeans, let people oooh and ahhh, tell them how hot they look (not a lie, these jeans are smokin) and collect the money. Pack up, go home, tuck kids in bed, dream of running a Denim Empire. Easy.

Im sure there are ups and downs, just like any business and dont worry I will detail them here. I dont know how to sugarcoat it. I'm just me. That's always been my biggest blessing and my curse. 

Well, back to my lazy Sunday. See you soon. I think I could get used to this..

Here's how you do it..


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