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Dear followers,

I thought I would update everyone on the book ALime Jewel. I have one poem published in the book . I am also proud to announce that three of my French students have their work published in the anthology as well. Here is a copy of the email I received from the editor. If you or someone else is interested in reviewing the book please send me a message and I will forward the information to the editor. Thanks for your consideration.

I am very happy to report back to you all (those who attended would attest to this) that the launch of A Lime Jewel was resounding success. Photos and video of the event will be available soon.

I want to thank all contributors who attended for giving us their time to make the launch a memorable event. We also want to thank those who could not make it to the launch, the day belonged to all of you and we knew you were with us in spirit. In addition to the Colourful Radio interview, Kwame MacPherson kindly arranged for an interview with SLR radio on the day of the launch, Caroline Obonyo and Alexander Thanni were interviewed and the interview was aired on Monday 1 November and the following Monday. A copy of the interview will be uploaded to Youtube in due course.

As regards A Lime Jewel, our work has just begun, we now have to take the book out to the world and raise as much funds as possible. We estimate that we should be able to donate about 60% of the retail price of £9.99 to the Lambi Fund of Haiti, depending on where the book is sold. We are actually donating everything we receive on the sales of the book, less the expenses, what is commonly referred to as the proceeds of sales. We would be grateful if you would all encourage people to buy directly from A Lime Jewel website as that reduces fees paid out elsewhere.

What are the plans for A Lime Jewel?

First and foremost in order to promote the sale of the book, we are planning to send the book out for reviews by different book clubs and blogs and if any of you know of any blog/book club that you think we should approach, please do not hesitate to email me details.

We are also planning to take the book on tour throughout the United Kingdom , starting with London. We need your help to approach libraries or any other events you may know of that would give us a free stage to promote A Lime Jewel. All leads would be greatly appreciated.

We have an offer from Rene Thomas’ to present the book up in the midlands and that is another one we shall be pursuing and Lloyd Akinsanya one of our contributors who lives in Jamaica has requested that we launch the book in Jamaica, and this is something we will be looking into over the next few months.

You will be happy to know that we have been offered an opportunity to attend the Huntley conference in February 2011 to sell A Lime Jewel and on 11 December we have been extended a similar opportunity to sell A Lime Jewel at a cultural event in Brixton, South London, more details to follow.

SLR radio has offered us their continued support and we shall be taking up that opportunity. They are interested in arranging a longer interview, date and venue are yet to be fixed and if any contributor is interested in taking part in that interview, please let me or Caroline Obonyo know by email and we will send out the details as soon as they are available.

Jacqueline Auma, assistant editor secured an interview and book review with Lime magazine, which should be out soon, we will keep you posted.

The videos for the launch event will be available soon and I am attaching a release form to this email. All those who took part in the launch event should please sign the release form and return it to me, this gives us clearance to use your images, both still and moving images taken at the launch. The release forms were available at the launch, unfortunately it seemed we were overrun with too many things on the day. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

As regards those writers who did not attend the launch event and who are still waiting for a copy of the book, please send me your addresses, so that we can make arrangements to send the book to you.

And finally, A Lime Jewel tee-shirts will be available by early next week at the latest, please check for more information. They will be great for Xmas presents.

I hope you are all not rushed off your feet preparing for the Xmas festivities.

Very best wishes


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