Using Tech To Take Your Wedding From Zero To Hero

Weddings are quite the affair, if all goes to plan it will be a once in a lifetime event which you and your guests will look fondly upon forever. With such importance placed upon a single day however there is an immense amount of pressure to make your wedding awesome, nobody wants their big day to be remembered as a snore fest, thankfully technology can come to the rescue and ensure you and your guest have a unique and memorable experience.

Without further ado, here’s the latest in technology to take your wedding from zero to hero!

 1. Live Stream Your Wedding

 Want to share the joy of your special day with people all around the world? Of course you do! That’s where live streaming comes in. Using your iOS and Android devices you are able to set up a live stream so friends and family can login and view your wedding as they desire. Such a service is not only fantastic for people who are overseas but also a brilliant way for enabling elderly guests who lack mobility to witness your wedding.

To set up a live stream you will need an internet connection, a smartphone, tablet or computer equiped with video capture and a service such as Skype, Apple FaceTime, Ustream or Livestream. Learn more about live streaming your wedding here.

 2. The Open Air Photo Booth

 You may not have heard of them yet, but open air photo booths are taking the wedding industry by storm. Essentially the open air photo booth has taken the traditional ‘enclosed’ booth and given it a new lease on life… how? By removing the ‘booth’.

Open air booths resemble something more akin to a photo studio setup with a backdrop, camera and studio lighting, but instead of a photographer the camera is touch screen operated. The benefits of an open style booth primarily lie in the lighting and image quality which typically far surpasses that of enclosed booths. As an added bonus the lack of ‘booth’ means you can fit a heap more guests in every photo! Check these booths out for a good example of open air photo booths.

 3. It’s A Robot, Man.

That’s right, how could your wedding be awesome without a robot? Robots are advancing at an alarming pace and the technology is steadily working it’s way into the wedding and events world. What exactly would you do with a robot at your wedding? There’s lots of things. You know how we mentioned live streaming? Instead of allocating guests to capture video how about enlisting an army of robots, ok, perhaps one or two will do, but what better way to throw a memorable wedding than to have robots roaming around capturing video footage.

 Perhaps you want to leave the filming to your friends, that’s cool, somebody needs to be making cocktails, and robots just happen to be great at this too. The robot bartender is not only novel in appearance and great at creating a buzz, they are also a practical way of serving cocktails in an efficient manner. Here’s a neat little video of robot bartenders in action.

 4. The Digital Wedding Cake

 Whoa! Hold on one moment, it’s still a cake, you can still savour its delicious sweet goodness. Phew! Technology merely adds to the cake experience through the use of projection mapping. This allows you to project both static and moving images onto your cake to transform it into a technology driven masterpiece. The idea has become widely recognised thanks to Disney's awesome projection mapped fairytale cake. Whilst this is taking projection mapping to a whole new level there are a number of lighting companies offering a simplified and surely more cost effective version of cake projection.

 Technology is becoming increasingly more common at weddings, used correctly it will help take your wedding from zero to hero and ensure you have a day you and your guests will remember forever.

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