Now Mama’s you already know that I have 4 kids, ages 7, 6, 2 and 8 months. My hubby and I have 2 boys and 2 girls that we adore completely. I love being pregnant, for the labor part of it really (I know, I know I just think pushing a baby out is a lovely event). If it were up to me I probably would have had one more, but the last pregnancy ended up with me walking around dilated 5 cm at 35 weeks and I had a few other issues as well. We knew we had to do some family planning but condoms were a NO GO because I did not get married to use condoms (rolls her eyes)! I couldn’t get on birth control for medical reasons. So that left somebody having to get cut. We both pleaded our cases with each other and I did some really hard praying. Convincing my husband to get his manly parts snipped was harder than pushing out my babies. However I wanted him to understand that I had pushed out 4 kids and the least he could do was save me having to get cut to get my tubes tied. Also my recovery time was going to be much longer than his would be. I told my husband and my doctor that if I had to get my tubes tied he would be going home alone with our daughter. I would be staying a few days in the hospital and I was not allowing myself to be discharged. I’m sure that both my doctor and my hubby thought I was crazy, but Mama’s I was dead serious.

Our daughter Hannah was born on my birthday August 12, 2012. My hubby decided that he would take the leap and get a vasectomy done (whoo-hoo!!). We put our deposit down and set an appointment with Dr. Doug Stein at I was 5 days postpartum and I hobbled with Hannah in tow to the office with my hubby. I was sore but this HAD to be done if we didn’t want baby number 5. Trust me when I say that baby number 5 would have been in my belly right now (no kidding). The doctor and his staff were very friendly and I actually sat there while the 15 minute procedure was performed. The doctor had his music playing on his phone, talked through everything and wha-la! Hubby felt a little weird, but everything went really well. The doctor (not an assistant) even called him later that day to check on him and a few days after. Hubby had the procedure done on a Saturday and he was back to work on Monday. He even admitted it wasn’t what he thought it was going to be.
Mama’s you have to decide if a vasectomy is best for your family and if you live in Florida I must say that Dr. Doug Stein was perfect. His bedside manner, technique and his follow up were awesome. If the name Dr. Stein sounds familiar you may know it from all the Vas Web/Vasectomy signs all along Florida’s busiest highways and interstates. Mmhmm, now you remember those signs, yep that’s our guy! If I could kiss him on the cheek I would. We don’t regret the decision of getting a vasectomy for our family planning needs. I can’t tell you what to do, but a wise doctor once told me if you’re not actively take the necessary measure to keep from having kids, that you’re planning for them whether you know if or not. Let’s just say we didn’t plan any of ours and we ended up with 4. Happy Monday Mama’s and make sure you have a plan!
Don’t just live your life, Enjoy it!

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