I hope you all have wonderful day filled with...well, LOVE!  This year Justin will be working aaall daaaay loooonnng! Ugh. So I will be what my friend calls a work widow.  : p 

But don't be sad for me, because my husband totally rocks and managed to give me a handmade card at midnight last night. The card was lovely too, not one of those dumb ones you see posted on the Ellen Show for worst V-day cards ever.

Today I plan on trying to make Justin a card, make a good dinner, and make a yummy dessert. Honestly, I'll be happy if I get ONE of those things done on that small list. 

And since I will be busy busy today, I'm going to fill this post with some pictures of our weekend, and hope that they will make up for me being MIA today and possibly tomorrow.   They happen to be pictures of my favorite Valentines.



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