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Virtual violence makes for aggressive behavior

Sometimes, something may seem blatantly obvious to some of us while others are oblivious.
Case in point; violent video games.
Folks, there is a reason why there is a rating on video games. It is because for some reason, usually violence, the video game is not well suited for certain age groups. But, there are still parents who will wait in line or get on the pre-order lists for these games in an effort to make sure that their kid remains on the 'cool list'.

So, here we go again.
In the November issue of the journal Pediatrics. there is a new study which suggests virtual violence may make kids more aggressive in real life.

For the study, kids in both the U.S. and Japan were examined. Those who reported playing lots of violent video games had more aggressive behavior months later than their peers who did not,

About 90 percent of U.S. kids ages 8 to 16 play video games, and th...

We know that many studies have linked violence on TV, in the movies and in video games to violent behavior. But, will the studies result in a change?

Not likely.
Parents will still buy these games for their kids usually because it is so much easier to get along with their kids when they are placated. And, of course, the video game industry will have to do whatever they can to keep their items in demand and selling.

So, why bother telling us what we already know? Is this study linking violent video games to violent behavior going to change a parent's mind about buying violent video games? Is there actually a parent out there who cannot make this assumption and decision on their own? Do we need this study? Maybe some parents want violent kids so they buy them violent video games.

Personally, I don't like violence and,neither do my children. But then again, we never felt a need to run out to buy violent video games. There are plenty of alternative video games which are usually better anyway.

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