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Watching Fox AND not vaccinating?! Who am I?

Any of you who know me know I am not a big fan of Fox News or any news that gives me only one side of a story or argument. I also vaccinate my kids and believe most are designed to keep my own children healthy as well as those in my community. That being said, I am recommending you watch a video on Fox News about the risk of vaccinating your child against H1N1 and other vaccines in general. This Dr. has the same general viewpoint as I do and I found it refreshing.

Should you vaccinate against H1N1?

I am the mom of a recovering cancer patient and an Asperger’s child, so believe me I do not take this subject lightly. I do think though that the hysteria over H1N1 has taken over common sense and that we are too quick to inject without knowing the possible side effects and end results. When I was a child we got vaccines AND we got the Chicken Pox. We were vaccinated against things that could most likely kill us or cause permanent damage. When the flu vaccine started out it was directed at the elderly and the immunocompromised patients that most likely could not fight off the flu if they were to contract it. Somewhere along the way we started seeing it as a mandatory safeguard to winter illnesses. Then the “Swine Flu” hit and people in this country and around the world lost their ever lovin’ minds! The hysteria was and is fueled by a media frenzy and no one seems to want to stand up and say, wait! What are the facts TRULY?!

I am not saying I have the facts, but I have hunches and beliefs. I do not believe the rise in Autism or my son’s personal journey were started by vaccinations. I believe we have better diagnosis and a NAME for the disorder. I can name off the top of my head half a dozen kids I knew that would today be diagnosed with some form of Autism had they just had the tools and knowledge then. Do I think their may be a small amount of kids who have had horrendous reactions to these inoculations? Absolutely. That is why my PERSONAL choice is to vaccinate against those illnesses that I believe my kids are at risk for and skip those that I find wasteful or plain dangerous. Whooping cough, polio, diphtheria, for instance … imperative. H1N1 or the seasonal flu? Yes, when my daughter was immunocompromised and under treatment for her leukemia. God willing, those days are behind us and this will have been the last year we need to be concerned about that. My daughter actually contracted the H1N1 virus and now I do not need to make the decision about that vaccine, though I will admit, I probably wouldn’t have given it to her. For those who wish to know, she had the flu for 3 days and we watched her diligently as we would any of our kids. She is fine now and yes I am thankful for that.

Remember the days when we all got sick during the school year? We would stay home on the couch (some of the time unattended as our parents went about their business), watching TV game shows and taking our temperatures with mercury filled thermometers?! Nothing ginger ale, crackers, soup and a good game of Password couldn’t fix. What a deprived world our kids live in today.

Please understand these are my opinions and I know it is a hot point for many of us. I am not telling you what YOU should do, rather what my choices have been and to point out that you have choices.



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