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For 2018, Make Finding the Right Activities for Your Kids Your New Year’s Resolution

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Ways to Celebrate Christmas-Time Kids’ Birthdays

Being born during Christmas season can sometimes feel like bad luck rather than good fortune. Your special day blends in with the festivities, so all the celebration gets stuck in one month, leaving the other eleven gift-free. Everybody’s too busy with their holiday errands to give you a proper birthday celebration. Moreover, they act like you’re timing is bad and like your birthday should have been at some other time of the year, when their finances are blossoming instead of drying. It isn’t easy being a Christmas baby, but with a little effort and some interesting ideas, parents can give their children an unforgettable birthday as well as Christmas.

Separate presents

It’s not fair that your children born earlier in the year get separate birthday and Christmas presents while your Christmas baby gets one joint present. If necessary, start saving money a few  months before the birthday or buy their birthday present in advance to avoid a financial crisis during holidays. Also, make sure that all family members are familiar with the presents policy for your Christmas baby.

Birthday wrapping

You should never use Christmas wrapping paper for a birthday gift. That way it seems like you’re trying to fool them by giving them a birthday present that’s already under the Christmas tree. Picking a wrapping especially for them is another sign that you haven’t forgotten to commemorate their special day amidst all the holiday rush.

Birthday zone

It’s a good idea to create a birthday corner in your house that isn’t intruded by holiday decoration. If possible, have a space entirely reserved for your child’s birthday celebration. Let them choose their own birthday theme and decorate the space according to their wishes. This will help your child feel like they’re having their own celebration and not part of the Christmas festivities.

The choice of present

When considering what to buy your child for their birthday, be sure to pick a gift that fits the season. A bike might be a great idea, but your child will probably have to wait a couple of months until the weather is nicer to be able to ride it. And remember, they’ve already done their share of waiting, since they get presents only once a year.

Have a party

Your Christmas baby deserves a birthday celebration that’s entirely about them.  If your kid’s birthday is on or close to Christmas day, you can have a couple of celebrations during December instead of just one. You can have a family gathering on their actual birthday and a big party with their friends some time before it, so that most of the children could attend. Don’t forget to make your kid their own birthday cake, regardless of the fact that it’s Christmas day. Make sure to throw them an unforgettable party with friends. There are plenty of kids’ birthday party supplies online you can use to add to the fun.


People have different opinions about half-birthdays, but it can be a good practice. With all the Christmas shopping and decorations, most people’s finances tend to get a little tight during holidays. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a half-birthday is a great solution. This way you can provide your kid with a whole day of fun activities of their choice. Another advantage is that summertime allows for all kinds of activities which are restricted by the winter season, so you can throw a pool party, for example. Also, this way you can distribute presents evenly through the year, so that your kid doesn’t have to get all their presents at once and have the rest of the year free gift-wise.

Celebrating a birthday close to Christmas can be tricky business, but with a good organization and creative ideas you can make your little one’s a birthday to remember. Put extra magic into this holiday/birthday season and get the best of both worlds. 

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