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Most women dream of having plump and succulent lips which can make them a lot sexier and much more desirable.  If you are one of these women, you have to be aware that lip augmentation surgery is a bad idea if you’re thinking about this option. Lip augmentation may involve fat filler injections or implants which are very expensive and can also lead to a number of complications that may even put your life in jeopardy. Would you risk your health and life just to have plumper lips? The idea is obviously very ridiculous. Fortunately, there are cheaper and safer ways to get lush lips. Let’s take a look at the best ways to help you achieve the lips you’ve always dreamt of having.

Exfoliate Your Lips

One of the best ways to achieve smooth and full lips is by exfoliating your lips regularly. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to gently brush your lips. Apply some lip balm before exfoliating to avoid damaging your lips. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and at the same time promotes blood circulation making your lips appear fuller. Sugar mixed with water is a good exfoliator but is should be applied gently in small circles to avoid damaging the lips.

Keep Your Lips Moisturized

You shouldn’t just use lip balm when you go out but you should also use it before going to bed especially during hot or cold nights. The key to moisturizing your lips is finding the right lip balm for you. Some formulations also offer SPF when you will be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods. Vaseline is a good alternative if you want to quickly soften your lips and get rid of dryness or chapping. Most lip products like lip plumpers also contain moisturizing ingredients to prevent dryness. Drinking plenty of fluids also helps prevent lip dryness since dehydration can cause this problem.

Avoid Cheap Lip Products

Cheap lip products like lipstick, lip balm and lip plumpers may contain harmful ingredients like chemicals and toxic substances that can damage your lips. Cheap products usually make the lips dry which leads to chapping. Some products may also cause simple to severe irritation and allergic reactions and leave you with swelled, damaged lips. Of course, the best products aren’t the most expensive since many quality products are available at affordable prices.

Natural Lip Plumping Agents

You can also try using natural lip plumping ingredients that can be found in your kitchen or in any supermarket. One example is clove oil which can be mixed with your lip balm or Vaseline. Liquid niacin can also be effective and make your lips plump quickly. Cinnamon can also be used to stimulate lip tissue and create a mild swelling effect for fast lip plumping. Lip plumpers usually include one or more of these natural ingredients in their formulation because they really work. 

Use the Best Lip Plumpers

If you’ve always had thin and unnoticeable lips, there is an affordable and safe way to make your lips plump and remarkable. You just need to find the best lip plumpers that are safe and effective. Be careful in choosing a lip plumper since most products on the market are ineffective and some may even contain harmful ingredients. Look for products backed by clinical evidence. Inspect the active ingredients carefully and make sure that each one is effective and safe as well.

The Don’ts of Getting Lush Lips

Let’s take a look at the things you should avoid or shouldn’t do if you want smooth and sexy lips. The top spot is occupied by lip licking which doesn’t hydrate the lips unlike most people think. Constantly licking your lips makes them more prone to drying which quickly leads to chapped and rough lips. It would be better to use lip balm or Vaseline to keep your lips moist and prevent chapping. Another thing you should avoid is smoking which doesn’t just make your lips dry but it can also make your lips look dark and dull. Another major mistake is using lipstick on chapped lips which can make the problem worse by irritating the lips and delaying the healing process.


Lip augmentation is no longer needed if you want full, plump and sexy lips. Following the tips mentioned in this article can help you achieve the lush and luscious lips you’ve always dreamed of having. The best lip plumpers can also make your lips fuller and have the same effect as cosmetic procedures as long as you choose the right product. Of course, you also need to remember the things you should avoid if you want to attain juicy and gorgeous lips as quickly as possible. 

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