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Tomorrow marks one month living in our home.  We're moved in.  Well, as moved in as we can get at this point.  We downsized, so the garage is housing some extra furniture and all the stuff we can't unpack right now.

Here's a tour of our home - and an update on what we've done so far.

I will say up front, we haven't painted yet.  Good thing - the boiler/radiator installation was 2 weeks late, which would have ruined our paint job.  So painting will wait until spring.  But we're cool with that!

Here is our living room.  The runner-rugs are temporary.  The area rug is being cleaned, but eventually we are doing wall-to-wall carpet throughout the house.

Behind the couch is our dining room.  It's a small fit for now.  But in a handful of years it will be all be different.

Oh - this is also my office and "blogging station".  If you couldn't tell.  *grin*

Okay - here is my shoebox kitchen.  It is small and I have grown very creative about it.  My mom found a piece of one our wardrobes that fell apart in the move - we cleaned it off and it fits perfectly over one side of the sink - so I have an extra "counter".  

Those blue plastic stacking bins - those are my pantry.  * grimace* 

But as soon as we get the rest of the cupboards hung, I'll have more space (or at least get the remaining two boxes unpacked!)

As you can see - my kitchen has spilled over into the hall.  

Now turning right you'll find our room...

That corner wardrobe is going to be sold - we have another corner one that is similar, but matches other wardrobes we currently have. So - the rest of the wardrobes will go along the wall to the right of the picture.  And next to the clothes hamper is a door that leads to the boys room...

They love their room! It's colorful and fun.  I often find Andrej here playing with the toys (synonymous with making a huge mess)


Here is the entry way.  The front door is to the right.  But to the left is the bathroom...


...and the infamous mouse-and-cheese toilet seat!



Another view of the bathroom / laundry room

Our terrace.  We spend a lot of time here.


My hard working men!  Those bushes are now almost completely cut back.  More work will be done along side that fence.  All of those bushes are coming out and I'm going to try my hand at transplanting some blackberry vines from down the lane.  Imagine - fresh blackberries in my own yard!


Did you notice the big bush is gone?  Here is the site of my future garden.  

So - most of the upgrading we've done and are about to do over the next two weeks is not immediately visible.  We've installed a gas boiler and new radiators in each room.  That has added to the value of the home.  Over the next two weeks we are installing PVC windows and outdoor blinds and having city water installed in the house.  

Next year we will be able to install city sewer and get rid of the septic tank.  

These upgrades alone will double the value of the home.  

not that we're planning on selling.  Don't even mention moving to me at this point!  *grrrrr*

We have a lot more planned for the near future.  And as long as we're working, I'll keep blogging about it!

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