There are no words in any language on earth that can describe the depth of what I feel for my sons.

That feeling only intensifies exponentially when they reach out their arms for me, give me sloppy toddler kisses, bring me a broken toy to fix (because apparently I am all-powerful and can fix anything), laugh hysterically at my silliness, lay their heads on my shoulders when their tired, or come running to me when they've been hurt.

It's an immensely powerful feeling to know you are the very center of someone's universe.

We've been in their shoes.  And some of us have been shattered when that person, upon whom we assumed the sun ascended and descended, proved to have feet of only clay.

Perhaps that person was a parent, an aunt or uncle, a grandparent

Or maybe that 6th grader - when we were only in 2nd grade.

A Senior when we were a puny Soph

Our best friend with whom we shared our deepest darkest secrets

and consequentially we became intimately acquainted with a feeling called insecurity - the kissing cousin to inferiority  who are the offspring of rejection.

I have once again joined up with Good Morning Girls for the Ephesians study and I have to say that I am profoundly impacted by just the first 5 verses of the book.  The thought that struck this morning was:

"If we fully grasped the meaning of being adopted and accepted by the Creator of the whole, galaxies, heavens...everything that exists that we can and cannot see....that realization would completely eradicate every feeling of inferiority, insecurity and rejection we've ever felt.  Because it would no longer matter that we do not measure up to someone's perception of what is acceptable or that a person we admire rejected us, when Almighty God - the One who literally holds our next second in His very grasp - adopted, accepts, and loves us!"

While I never want to shatter my sons's admiration and trust in me, I know I am human.

I know there will be times that I will fail them and even offend them.  But, I sincerely hope that they will always know that I love them, accept them, and validate them.  I hope that no matter what happens in their lives they will always know that they have our approval!

Because I never want to destroy that fragile trust.

Such sobering thoughts for a day of celebration!

My first baby is 2 years old today.

Happy Birthday my dear firstborn!!!

May you always know that we love you with all our hearts!

And may you always know that Jesus loves you best!

Thank you for sharing...

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