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Weekend Highlights: Trick-or-Treat & Snow

Hey friends,

How are you?  No really.  How are you?  Do you ever get into the fake “How are you’s” too?  Seems like these days, Brian and I get so busy and our ‘how are you’s’ come out so fake and quick and fast and then we really aren’t listening to what the other is saying.  Like when he came home from work one night last week and I was getting dinner on the table.  I said,

“Hey babe, how are you?” – getting dinner on all 4 plates

B- “Busy, how are you?” – greeting the boys, kissing me & running towards the boys

“Crazy day.  Haven’t stopped. Hey, we need to talk about this trick-or-treat thing.” – filling cups with milk, glasses with water & running around the kitchen

B- “We’re going.” – wrestling, flipping, chasing boys


And then a couple of days pass and it hits me that I really didn’t pay much attention to the, “We’re going” part.  I didn’t buy costumes (let alone hand sew costumes) nor did I buy candy or or or or or.  And then it hit me that we really didn’t care about the actual ‘How are you’ part of that greeting either.  I have to say, I’m just as guilty.  This year is my busiest year of being a mom, not to mention I’m so wrapped up in our kids and our little lives; it consumes me (in a good way).  I’m thinking its because I have 2 in pre-school now which takes my organization, dates and schedules to a whole new level; let me tell you.  So I guess when Brian answered ‘Busy’ and I answered ‘Crazy’, we were too busy and too crazy to even get into it.  But…

Thank God for weekends.

We finally took time to care about each others answer and spent Friday night lounging on the couch while catching up and listening to music.  I was still in bed early though; definitely not a night owl like hubby.

Saturday marked the first time I ever went Trick-or-Treating.  Ever.  Crazy to some, I know but don’t judge; just love and accept that I’m different.  Looking back, I honestly don’t feel like I missed out on much!  I have mixed feelings about the night.  I’m sorting through the, ‘Should I look at this in a deeper way?’ or ‘Should I just look at this as dress up and candy?’  Here is what I do know.  I definitely prefer walking around to trick or treat than I do staying home and passing out candy.  I saw a lot of cute and sweet costumes and other costumes I saw made me question the whole thing entirely.  But since I would always ask others not to judge me for never ‘celebrating’, I kept an open mind and did my best not to judge the ‘bad’, the blood, the gore and the scary.  I’m sure my eyes said it all.  The hardest part for me was what to say or how to act.  I’ve never said ‘Happy Halloween’ so it felt weird even coming out of my mouth.  We ended up giving our 3 big bowls of candy to the couple next door (who were staying home to pass out candy) and we walked the neighborhood as a family.

The boys had a blast collecting candy and didn’t seem to pay attention to anyone on the streets.  I would even venture to say that by the time they got all the way down the hill to grandma and pap-paps house, they had no clue how they even got there.  I’m sure it was a blissful blur to them!  I however, knew exactly how I got all the way to grandma and pap-paps!  I waddled door to door, street to street and finally made it there and found a cozy spot on the floor to rest!  It was such an exciting night for the boys to collect candy.  CANDY!  However, now they think this is something you can just do any time you want.  Like, “What do you want to do today? Trick or treat?”  I had to explain.  And no joke, they have spent the past 48 hours ‘playing’ with their candy.  They don’t even ask to eat it (crazy, I know)! Instead, they organize it, move it from one location to another, count it, talk about it, dump it, collect it, have fake birthday parties with it; their candy is their prized possession right now.  Amazing.

And then Sunday… ahhh Sunday.  Brian had the best idea to get out the boys’ snow gear and drive to Seven Springs Resort to sled ride!  I was totally into it because I knew that meant Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, a long & *hopefully* peaceful car ride and not too much work on my behalf with the kids.  I had no to intention on sled-riding down ski slopes while pregnant so I took iPhone photos and videos and had a great time watching the 3 of them sled-ride on a plastic orange sled!  Even though it was a cold, dark and dreary day, the boys had a blast and I truly can’t wait to do this with them next year!

Just like that, our weekend was over.  It was a wonderful weekend; busy as always but so much fun!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well ; )


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