It's Monday. The kids are off school all week for mid-winter break (not sure why they need a break they have only been back about a little over month since Christmas but they get one-elementary school is stressful these days) and we have lots of fun things planned.

Lot's happened over the weekend. If you visit my blog you will see that I changed the theme and colors. I cleaned up the side and made it look a bit more organized. (My OCD (Day One) came into play there, it was looking to cluttered and bothering me) I also purchased my domain name, turns out it was not as expensive as I thought and it allows me to do a little bit more, so I am officially I added some new badges as well and joined some different fitness blogging sites. I probably shouldn't have done so many things over the weekend and saved them for days this week in my 28 day Blog Challenge.

My Weekend


Saturday morning I got up bright and early and completed my 9 mile training run. The run was great and I completed it in 85 minutes which I was really happy about, my pace is improving.

The treadmill for long runs however is getting a little boring. As much as I enjoy watching Netflix on my iPad, I am longing to get back on my trail. There is a bike trail right outside my front door. I can, literally walk out my front door cross the street and start running and can go for miles (15-20 to be exact). I ran it all last summer and loved it, now it is just too cold and still too dark in the mornings. I am hopeful in another month I will be able to spend time with my friend the bike trial and see my bunny, turtle and snake friends as I run, ok maybe not the snakes but the bunnies and turtles.

Saturday afternoon my son was invited to a birthday party, so I dropped him off and took the few hours to visit Whole Foods for my fruits and veggies for the week. Whole Foods is a special trip for me because it is a good 30 minutes away, not convenient for weekly shopping. I have a Trader Joe's closer (15 minutes) but it's a smaller one and does not a huge fresh produce selection. I wish they were closer so I could go every week, my local grocery store's produce leaves much to be desired.


Sunday, I took a much needed rest day. I haven't been taking a rest day the last few weeks. I have been exercising 7 days a week and just taking a rest from running on a day and just doing strength. This was not a good idea, my body was not happy with me. I have also read quite a few articles lately explaining why your body needs a day of rest. So I am going back to taking Sunday's off, my body will thank me later.

I ordered a pair of bright pink Pro Compression socks. I wore my soccer compression socks (Healthy Alternatives) again on Saturday and liked them even more. I found a forty percent off coupon online so I ordered them. I cannot wait for them to arrive. I am hoping they get here before Saturday so I can try them out for my 10 mile run on Saturday.

I also made these

I used all whole wheat flour instead of half whole wheat and half regular and I used vanilla yogurt instead of banana yogurt. I was a little nervous about them but they are very tasty. I had one for breakfast this morning, warm from the microwave with a banana.

Last night, it was Mom's night out. A bunch of my Mom friends from the boys school get together once a month at the local Mexican restaurant. It is very fun to get together and talk, and of course I always eat too many chips, I wish they wouldn't just put a basket of yummy freshly made warm tortilla chips in front of me, I can't stop myself. Not to mention they have the best guacamole!! I feel very lucky to have found a great group of Mom's at my boys school and not even all of them have kids in my son's grades. They are just Mom's I have met volunteering for various functions at school and we became friends. We are a fun group and I feel fortunate to have them in my life.

Question of the day:

What makes me unique

Hmmm, this is a tough one, I really struggled coming up with an answer to this one.

When I think of unique, I typically picture someone's outward appearance. Someone who dresses high fashion or in bright colors and interesting outfits. That is not me, outwardly I don't feel like I am unique. Now I dress nicely, not in rags, but I am not eclectic in my attire.

So what makes me unique. I guess if I had to pick something it would be my attitude toward life. To me life is too short to worry about what anybody else thinks of me, I like me and that's what matters most. Now I didn't always have this attitude but over the last few years I have kind of come into my own. I did not always have the best self esteem or confidence, outwardly I faked it at times but inwardly it was a struggle. But I like myself now, I like who I am, how I treat people, and how I live my life. Not everyone may agree with my choices but I am finally at a place where I can say that's ok. I think in losing my Mom and then a few years later losing my Father-in-law I have learned that life is to short to worry about the little things. Spend your time here being happy and spending time with people who make you feel good and those you love.

What makes you unique?

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