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One of the joys of, well, all of my pregnancies is that I organize and re-organize everything.  Tell me you’re the same way, yes?  During my last ‘nesting session’, I hit the toy room, purged lots of toys and re-organized everything.  My head was spinning with options as to what to do with all of their toys and then it spun out of control when I thought about all of the new toys that will trickle in over the holidays.  Brian told me to tell our families to donate in their names this Christmas instead of giving the kids more toys but let’s be real people.  Grandma and Nana would never do such a thing to their 2 little grandsons.  So here’s what I did:

Created a large toy rotation bin.

Threw Away all Cheap (25 cent machine) & Broken toys.

Made Room for what will inevitably be given to them at Christmas.

Give to children in need.

Since our toy room is also a multipurpose room, I would like to think it appeals to adults too.  Even though it’s loaded with toys, there’s a space for everyone.  This is a space where we play, have parties, watch football games with large groups and where Brian has his late night guitar sessions so that he won’t wake the boys.  Come on in; I’ll walk you through it!


  • Rotate toys on shelves throughout the year.  We have an extra large bin of toys in our storage room and every few months, the toys on the shelves will go in and the toys in the bin will come out.  Its like Christmas to kids and they love it!
  • Each shelf *sort-of* has a theme and though I could place labeled bins on each shelf (and have in the past), I found that covering toys is no fun for kids.  Think about it like this: When we (ladies)  shop, we want to see everything for sale, organized in sections and don’t want to dig through bins to find what we’re looking for, right?  Think of a child’s toy-room in a similar way:

A toy room is a place where kids can enter, look around and find something that catches their eye… A place full of toys that will stimulate their imaginations!  I’m all about labeled baskets and bins for the 200 matchbox cars that we have but I also like to have toys both big and small right in their view and in reach!


  • I ordered these Chalkboard Labels from PBKids that will tie around each handle of all 5 baskets below.  They will be labeled (from L to R): Music, Legos, Puzzles, Cars, Trucks.  Honestly, since our 2 little boys love matchbox cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, the last 2 baskets are a mix of those things… we have one too many if you ask me, but trust me, they know when one is missing!
  • When we’re at home playing, I encourage the kids to take the baskets out and dump them.  If and when they pull the, “There’s nothing to do! Where can we go? I’m bored!“, I take a few baskets out and dump them myself.  They are sure to be busy for hours!
  • The only rule?  Clean Up.


  • I like to have at least 1 bin (maybe 2) next to a really large ‘toy’: Such as their diner or their tool bench.
  • You can place labels on bins too but the only thing with that is you run the risk of it cracking or breaking when the lid is tossed on the floor repetitively. I had a chalkboard label on the bin below and recently removed it since they play with their diner a lot.


  • We have 2 tabletop spaces in this room: 1 for nice wooden toys and 1 for art projects.  I love these wooden toys sitting on our antique record player.

  • Our art table is glass and I couldn’t be happier about that!  It makes for such an easy clean up and has had many different purposes: a food table for parties, art & activity table for birthday parties and/or play-dates, finger-painting (in undies!) on a rainy/snowy day and the list goes on!
  • Above our table, we hung 2 art frames to display each of their word in in between, hung wooden letters that read, ‘ART’.
  • Use paint cans to store art supplies!  I covered empty paint cans with thick paper and store crayons, colored pencils, paint brushes, chalk and more in each of them.  My DIY ‘PiggyToes in Paint Cans’ Post is published here!

* Not pictured in art section: Chalkboard Easel (It has been making its way around our house for some time now and is currently in Rocco’s bedroom!)


Since our toy-room is a multipurpose room, we wanted to have a cool space for adults to hang out too.  When we have large parties, this is an area for adults to gather, have a drink, sit or stand while watching the kids play.

Thanks for visiting our Play-Room / Multipurpose Room! We have a lot of fun in this ever-changing space!


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