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What 8 Features of Your Face Tells About You

Author Jean Haner married into a Chinese family and her mother-in-law taught her everything she knew about the ancient art of face reading. After Jean realized that her mother-in-law was not just judging people but was, in fact, correct in her opinion of them, she continued her studies with notable teachers in the ancient Chinese principles of face reading. The ancient Chinese believe that your face reflects who you are, why you think, feel and behave the way you do.

Jean’s book, The Wisdom of Your Face, is full of practical information. It is about what your face is trying to tell you. She explains that every face has patterns that correlate to certain meanings and personality traits. It is important to know that there are no bad features. All features show your strengths as well as your weaknesses, your past life lessons and your future. It is truly amazing what your face tells people that you may not even realize. Jean also states that we can change our facial imprints by changing from within.

Below are eight features on our face and a sample of what these can tell us about ourselves and others:


If your forehead tends to be rounder you carry your ancestor’s skills and talents and even “karma” with you. A flatter forehead means that you blaze your own trail, perhaps even something very radical from the rest of the family. A forehead that slants back is someone that is a creative problem-solver and that can think outside the box, who usually tends to be a successful entrepreneurs (that would be my husband, Scott!).


Our eyebrows are where we keep our power. When we severely pluck our eyebrows we take our power and confidence away and we can actually attract people who may want to dominate us. I have noticed that as I grow older my brows are not as “strong” as they used to be where my husbands are getting bushier. Time for less threading and more penciling!


The ears show your past with every bump and mark on their rim. For women, the right ear is your childhood experience from conception to age six starting at the top of the rim. The left ear reveals seven to thirteen, also starting from the top and ending at the lobe.  For men it is the left ear from conception to age six and the right ear for age seven to thirteen. When Jean read my face she asked me if I had had to keep a secret growing up because she saw a huge bump on the rim of my left ear that carried on down to my lobe. I told her that yes, we had a big secret in my home growing up. My father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis the year I was born and he did not want anyone to know this for fear that he would lose his job as warden of a penitentiary. So, whenever anyone asked my sister and me why our father had problems walking we were told to tell people that he was in a car accident as a teenager (which was the truth but, obviously not the whole truth). It was only after he retired that even his closest friends were told the truth.


The nose is another place where we carry our power. Since I had my face read years ago, I always look at past people in power like Presidents and other leaders and check the size of their noses. Former President Bill Clinton is a good example of this. A large nose does not only represent power and leadership but also ambition and self-centeredness (Yes, Scott sorry to say but this fits with you also). A fleshy nose, on the other hand, shows that a person loves life and what it has to offer. There is a certain “joie de vie” about them. They are wonderful people to be around. A person with a turned up nose (like myself) is someone who is generous with their time, money and affection, but must be careful not to overdo it. A down turned nose says that the person is a good business and finance person.


The mouth shows us how happy we are in life. When we are negative or feel disappointed in life and we start saying or thinking negatives thoughts more often than happy ones our mouth shows it. Our mouths will start to turn down in the corners. Plus, when we are stressed our lips start to thin out. The good news is that we can change our lips by doing things that make us happy and to think more happy thoughts throughout the day.


A prominent chin shows our willpower, our stubbornness and stick-to-it-ness. My husband has a strong chin, so I can’t get down on his stubbornness since it is a part of who he is. On the positive note he has amazing ability to persevere through situations most people would have given up on. On the other hand, a weak or receding chin is a sign that you may have been oppressed early in life. You may feel, as an adult, that you have no power because you were never able to stand up for yourself. This can easily be resolved by physically just lifting your chin to make it more prominent which, in turn, will bring back some of your power. Be careful, because it is easy to overcompensate and become too domineering yourself.


The jaw is the “root” of the face.  If you have a strong jaw, you can’t be easily pushed over.  A large jaw tends to tell someone that you can be too controlling (this person would make a good sergeant). A narrow jaw means you are more spontaneous and easily swayed. With a narrow jaw you have to be careful not to be a pushover.

Wrinkles and Moles

Finally, each wrinkle and every mole means something and tells a story. In Chinese face reading, moles are considered extra lucky, so as long as the mole is healthy, it never is a good idea to remove your luck! The location of the mole will tell you what area you will have the most strength in. I have a prominent mole on my chin, which means that I have enhanced intuitiveness. I don’t want to get rid of that!

Jean states that there are three reasons why we get wrinkles. The first one is that we are supposed to get them. The wrinkles around the corners of our eyes that we call crows feet are actually joy lines. These are good wrinkles. They show the world that we have an open heart and are happy. The second reason is because wrinkles show us that we have learned a lesson. If we get rid of the wrinkles the lesson is lost and we will have to relearn it again further down the road, hence bringing back the very wrinkle/lesson you got rid of. Lastly, wrinkles are gifts. They can be early warning signs on how we lead our life. For example, if we have lived a martyr’s life, we will have created deep lines in our face. The good news is that once we recognize this and make inner changes, the wrinkles can go away! When we get Botox or a face lift we can actually change our destiny. When I had my face read I was told that my jowls were actually the sign for money bags and that the strong lines that run from my nose to the outside of my mouth tells me that I am following my life purpose. Do I really want to change these? I think not!

This is just a snippet of what Jean covers in more detail in her fascinating books and blog. To learn more about Jean Haner and the wisdom of your face, check out Jean’s blog.  Jean Haner can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. To purchase The Wisdom of Your Face, buy it from Hay House or on Amazon.

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