YES.  What a year its been.

I began the year as a mom of one boy and am ending it as a mom of two.......under two.

And I know I'm getting old when I keep saying, "Where did 20__ go????"  every single year.  But seriously!  Didn't we just celebrate 2011?  

In January 

I was still adoring these precious curls:

And began blogging about Shift Work and surviving shift life

In February

I did a short series of posts on Marriage and Family for Valentine's Day that I occasionally add to


Found out that our family was growing!!


Is A Little R & R's Blog-day

While in 


We joined William and Kate as they tied the knot

In May and June 

We visited my parents in Oregon

And I said goodbye to my Grandpa

In July 

I began singing again

and in


Z and I celebrated 4 years of marriage (I know....still newly weds!!)

In September

I took a journey to find contentment

and finally

In October

We welcomed Andrej into our family!!

In November and December

I've been entertaining guests at R & R

and you all have been great to all my guest posters!!!


Now, enjoy my little men with me for a second:

He loves cars!!!!!

Grandma and Andrej

Giving kissies (ummm...this is done by slowly placing your forehead on the head of the person you "kiss")

Baka and Dida with the boys

Andrej, his brother and his girlfriend!

I'm happy

I'm sad

I will twist you around my finger

And then be happy again

And who can resist dimples??????

Cute, THIRSTY little bums!

The singing angel

My widdle bug!

The singing Santa

The very grown up big brother

Me and my boys!!!!

Happy New Year from us to you!!!!!

Thank you for sharing...

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