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What are the benefits of dental bridges?

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

Dentists recommend dental bridges if you have the need to restore one or more teeth or there is the need to have something in place so that it doesn’t look empty. When you opt for dental bridges, you will enjoy several benefits.

Better appearance

With the use of traditional fixed bridges, the space left behind by a missing tooth can be easily filled. You can also enhance the shape and color of teeth that require a crown. With the use of dental bridges, the technician gets the space which allows to create desirable results. Porcelain will offer a better look since it matches the natural color of your teeth and resists staining.

Dental bridges cannot be removed

Once the bridge is fixed in your mouth, you do not have to worry about taking them out to clean like the partial dentures. You must be careful with the care for your dental bridges and your dentist will explain the special cleaning instructions you must follow.


If the teeth on either side have been filled or are broken, crowning the teeth as a part of the bridge will strengthen them and allow you with the option to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Long lasting

Studies have shown that a fixed bridgework like an individual crown offers durability, is long lasting and predictable. You must understand though that a bridge is unlike your natural teeth and once the tooth has been prepared for a bridge, you will not have any other option than to get it fixed. If you made the choice of a resin stained or bonded bridge, then it won't last as long as other kinds of bridges.

Faster procedure

The bridge may take a longer time to prepare than a single crown but it again depends on the kind of bridge you chose. Once you have decided to get the bridge, it takes only 2 appointments to have it fixed. This is certainly a faster procedure than getting partial dentures.

Less invasive than implants

You do not require a surgery to fix dental bridges like is the case with dental implants.

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