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My son is very practical about his time. (I know that this is behavior that he learned from us.) He likes to tell me what his plans are over the weekends, and we've had some good conversations about finishing out one extra-curricular activity before picking up any new ones.

In the last few months, he has asked about trying a new sport, taking up chess lessons and starting music lessons. And then we talk. We talk about what activities he currently does and if he wants to give any of those up. And we talk about Mommy and Daddy's schedules, because the reality is that if our son takes on a new activity, we are all affected.

And I am glad that we talk these things through with him. Not just because I want my son to understand the importance of committing to something, but because I want him to understand that life is not meant to be over-scheduled.

I listen to other parents talk about their schedules. (Or, more accurately, their child's schedule.) And I worry. I worry about what type of time-and-space-bending technology they are using to get their children everywhere they need to be. And what that means for their downtime as a family.

Our time with our children moves so quickly...how do you want to spend it? Tell me in the comments.

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