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*NEW STYLE POST* What I Wore: 34 weeks Pregnant!

Can it be that in just 6 weeks; well, 5 weeks 4 sleeps (who’s counting?) we will meet our 3rd child!?!  Time really flew by this pregnancy yet I find myself saying, “I’m not going to make it.” much earlier than I did before!  By the end of my days, I’m so exhausted, my back hurts, I’m waddling like a penguin and I feel like I should only have 2 weeks left.  I can do this though, right?  I am so excited and ready to start life with 3, especially now that all of our ‘OB-GYN Drama’ is over with!  We found a new practice and I’m getting to know our new Dr. and happy to be at a hospital I love.

So, this week I started to really think about names for our baby.  Nothing is standing out to me.  Bri and I have a few names we like but nothing I love!  I remember being pregnant with Rocco and not being able to choose a name because I couldn’t even picture what our baby would look like.  We went into the hospital with about 4-5 names that we really liked and after seeing him, he was Rocco.  Italian boy, big round face, dark hair… that was it.  Rocco.  Then when I was pregnant with Roman, he was named shortly after we found out we were having a boy.  I loved his name as soon as I heard it.  Baby #3?  I am really stuck!  We have 1 or 2 great girl names and Brian has 1 boy name, but like I said, I don’t love it.  Help!  I need a boy name!  An Italian name, a strong name and one that flows well with Rocco & Roman.  Because after all, I do say their names together ALL. DAY. LONG.  And it would be nice to go into the hospital with a few girl and boy names.  Anyway, that’s the baby scoop this week!

As far as my ‘fashion’ goes, I still love to wear leggings and ‘hide’ my belly under a big sweater or shirt or scarf.  Gotta tell you, it’s hard to hide these days!  This is what I wore… 5 weeks, 4 sleeps to go.  YES.  I’M COUNTING DOWN.

So, I pulled out this wrap sweater that I have… Never wore it much because the whole thing just confuses me.

I thought I was just supposed to put my arms through and toss one side over my shoulder, but then the other side looked goofy hanging down…

I tried to wrap it and tie it… didn’t work.  Tried to tuck one side over the other, it got all ‘bunchy’.  I ended up semi-wrapping one side and putting the other side over my shoulder.  It worked for a few hours while I ran out but I took it off as soon as I got home.  Never again.  I tried.

As for the little details…

I can’t stop wearing my new watch that my in-laws gifted to me for Christmas.  I just love how big it is and shiny and gold; I’ve wanted a gold watch for some time now!  The bangles are from my mom who brought them home to me from St. John!  Good find, mama!

Then I stacked 4 rings for a more casual look.  I love to stack rings!  2 are my wedding bands (the diamond bands) and 2 are gold bands (from a set of 5) that are currently in Sara Blaine’s Collection.  You can purchase the set here; and tell Vicki I sent you!  I thought the diamond/gold pairing looked pretty!

Lastly, I slipped my PiggyToes in a pair of riding boots, threw a floppy black bag (from TJMaxx) over my shoulder & I was set to go!

It’s been interesting finding things to wear this pregnancy because my life-style is different than it was when I was pregnant the last time… and the time before that!  I have 2 little ones and we run around a LOT so I guess that’s why flat boots, leggings and over-sized tops are what works for me!  It’s easy, comfortable and stylish too!

Did you have a ‘go-to look’ while you were pregnant?


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