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What Is a Home Warranty? Peace of Mind for Home Owners

A home warranty is a service contract for one year which covers the repair or replacement of various home systems and appliances such as heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems which break down over the time due to normal wear and tear.

The average cost of a basic home warranty plan is between 300 to 600 USD per year. An additional fee of 50 to 75 USD is charged a service fee at the time of each repair work.

Best home warranty companies have contracts with approved Vendors and service providers. When a covered item’s breakdown occurs, the owner calls the home warranty company. The representatives visit and assess the damages, and if the item is covered, they arrange to get the items repaired or replaced as required.

Best home warranty companies also offer additional coverage for specific expensive items like swimming pools and well pumps by charging an additional fee.

Home warranty companies have contracts with service providers. When any of the covered home appliances breaks down, the owner contacts the home warranty company. They arrange to send their representatives who inspect the item and determine if it is covered under the contract. If covered, the item is then repaired or replaced as appropriate.

It is pertinent to note here that the items which are not maintained by the planned maintenance schedule of the manufacturers are not covered under home warranties.

Difference Between Home Warranty and Homeowner’s Insurance

Home Warranty is a contract which just covers normal wear and tears and does not cover the accidents and natural calamities.

The homeowner’s insurance covers perils such as fire, lightning, hale, property crimes and particular kind of water damage. This insurance policy protects us from a loss.

A home warranty does not cover the perils. It just covers the specific home appliances and major systems.

How to Choose Best Home Warranties Company

It is advisable to go through best warranty companies which are readily available. These reviews help to form an opinion about a company before getting into the contract with them. Other factors such as the company’s rating and capacity also should be taken into consideration.

The response and efficiency of the customer care staff should also be noted. The coverage and exclusion sections of the contract should be carefully read and understood before purchasing the warranty to avoid unnecessary issues at the time of claim.

Peace of Mind for Homeowners

As in the case of other warranties home warranties companies provide peace of mind to the homeowners as they don’t have to run about locating and arranging repairers in case of a breakdown or problem. They can just call the home warranties company who then can take care of the repairs or replacement of the coverage provided in their contract.

It also suits the people with expensive home appliances and systems as these warranties are not expensive in comparison to the prices of the items owned.


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