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What is breast implant leakage or breakage?

What is breast implant leakage or breakage?

When breast implants are used during your breast augmentation surgery, sometimes they could leak or break. Almost 3% patients who got breast implants could suffer from leakage within 3 years of getting their surgery. If you got saline implants, they are filled with salt water which gets absorbed into your body when it leaks; there are no side effects to it. The silicone gel implants can also leak or break and the leakage is dangerous if absorbed into your body.

Leakage of your breast implants

When there’s a breakage or leakage in your silicone implant, there could be a couple of scenarios you are faced with. If there is a contracture scar around your implant shell, the leakage will not reach outside and you will not see any visible signs of the implant rupture. If there is no contracture scar and the leakage is outside the shell, your implant will feel deflated. A scar forms in the area where the leakage takes place. In some cases, the leaking gel could migrate to other body parts through your lymphatic system.

How can you correct implant leakage?

If you suffer from a break or leakage in the breast implants, you will have to undergo another surgery to replace the broken implants. When the silicone gel migrates to another part of your body, it is impossible to remove it. There could be several reasons for the saline or silicone gel implants to break or leak. When you undergo a surgery, the surgical blade could rupture your implants. Over or under filling of the implants could also lead to their rupture. Some other causes for it include intense trauma, manipulation, umbilical incision for placement, injury or excessive compression during a mammogram. Implants also rupture due to normal aging or at times, for unexplained reasons.

Different reasons are associated with rupture including the length of time implants have stayed in one position, the technique used for implant placement and the place where the implants were manufactured.

Capsular contracture is another reason why you may require a secondary surgery. This is an abnormal response of your body’s immune system to a foreign object, when the tissue around your implants will harden.

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