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Otoplasty is a procedure that targets the cosmetic needs and defects of the external ear or injured ear, most of the time the procedure is done to correct prominent ears in children. The reason for the procedure is improving the cosmetic appearance and function of the ears. Psychological trauma can cause such problems.  

What to expect during Otoplasty

If you want to get the procedure, it is better to start talking with your surgeon about your problems and the concerns you have. The doctor will talk to you about the options you have and will recommend the right procedure. He will also let you know about the limitations you have because of your skin, face and ears. The doctor will take pictures before the procedure and after the procedure. The pictures before the procedure help to plan for the procedure while the pictures after the procedure are meant to monitor the results.

The doctor will give instructions to help you recover after the reconstruction and cosmetic surgery of the ears. When you take good care of your child or yourself, it will prevent complications. It is important to read all the information and to follow them.

Complications that may results from Otoplasty

The ear surgery can be performed safely with all the care and it helps in obtaining the right results. However, there are some complications which have been reported within the medical literature. The list does not include all the complications but it is meant to give information about what you may expect after the procedure.

  • Infection of the cartilage or skin of the ears
  • Hematoma formation or bleeding
  • Functional and cosmetic results which may not meet the expectations you had. Unfavorable results can take place every time a person undergoes a surgery. They include distortions, asymmetric correction, inadequate correction and all these may require a second surgery.
  • Temporary or permanent numbness of the face and ear.
  • Keloid and scar formation which is the overgrowth of the scar tissue.
  • Prolonged pain, hospitalization or impaired healing.
  • Narrowing of the external ear canal.
  • Suture extrusion which means when permanent sutures that are used in order to maintain the shape, become evident within the skin. These will require removal. 

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