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It seems that we are becoming a world of busybodies. Everyone that I talk to these days is busy. The first sentence that comes out of someone's mouth when you ask how they are doing is, “We're just so BUSY!”
So, what in the heck are we all doing out there? Something major? Is it true that we are overbooked and over scheduled? What I've found when talking to my mom friends is that every family falls into a different category of busybodies. Read on and you may find one that describes your family.
Lots of Tots Busybodies – These families are so busy due to the large amount of children in their home. Any family of 4 or more automatically falls into this category. Even some families of three can claim lots of tots if their children are spaced close together. These families are busy just getting through the day. Getting everyone dressed, teeth brushed, fed, shoes on, diaper changed, bathroom break and out the door can take two hours in of itself. And that time is only within reach if you don't have a major catastrophe such as a blowout diaper or meltdown from one of the tots due to what they are wearing or (not) eating. The unfortunate reality for these families is that by the time that you've completed all of these necessary tasks it is time for another meal, diaper change or nap.
Socialite Busybodies – These families love to party. They love to attend parties, throw parties or just hang out and invite anyone on the street over to their house for an impromptu party. They are the family in the neighborhood that is always sitting out front with a cold beverage in their hand. If you are even remotely acquainted with them you have been invited to one of their parties celebrating Memorial Day, the 4th of July or Groundhog Day.
Hometown Busybodies – These families have one or both parents from the immediate area. They have lived in this area for all or most of their whole life. They have so much family living within 30 minutes that not only is dating tricky, but weekends are jam packed with Aunt Trudy's 80th birthday, or cousin Jack's christening. Did I mention that these busybodies usually come from large families? Even larger than their circle of family in the area is their circle of friends. These are the same dear friends they've had since Kindergarten and they all want to get together with the Hometown Busybodies.
Keeping Up With the Jones' Busybodies – These families are busier than you are. They say they are busy just because that is what everyone else is saying. If they are truly not busy, then they will find something to do to make them busy. While this family complains about being busy, they actually love it because it makes them feel more important than the other busybodies.
Joiner Busybodies - This busybody family loves to be a part of the action. The dad of this family coaches his children's', sports teams. A lot of time for this family is spent driving to and from extracurricular activities. The children always want to join a playgroup which has formed outside in their neighborhood. The mom of this family is on the PTO Board at school, has a weekly workout group as well as a monthly card playing group . . . . .
Sorry, I'm going to stop writing about this family because they are sounding an awful lot like mine!
I'll have to end this article here, because, you guessed it, I'm busy!

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