What's the most popular recipe in your state?

It’s no surprise that food and cooking styles vary greatly by state, but with the help of Google Trends, we now know the most frequently searched recipe in every one of the 50 states. This data was compiled into a map by CashNetUSA to illustrate what’s being cooked throughout the United States.

From gumbo in Louisiana to pork tenderloins in Iowa, every state has an iconic food. How do these iconic, traditional foods compare to the data Google Trends gives us? To start off, the most searched recipe in Louisiana was for jambalaya. Way over in Hawaii, Mohi was the most searched recipe. Therefore, it’s safe to say at least two traditional state dishes align together with the results provided by Google Trends.

The fact that recipe searches vary all the way from bread, frosting, to zucchini, is mind-blowing. Does this mean that residents in some states eat healthier than others? Or simply put, they don’t know how to make healthy dishes?

There’s lots of speculation that can be made using the map of the recipe searches. Perhaps Nebraskans and North Dakotans have a sweet tooth with their love of apple pie and apple crisp. It appears there are a few common trends among regions in the United States. For example, the Upper Midwest seems to be a fan of sweets, with frosting being the most searched recipe in Iowa, shortcake in Minnesota, caramel in Wisconsin, and cookie in Illinois. Other neighboring states varied quite drastically, such as chili being the most searched recipe in Florida and gravy in Alabama.

Regardless of their state, Americans tend to have a knack for cooking homemade, finger-licking food. Have you searched the most popular recipe in your home state yet? It will be interesting to see how the most popular recipe searches change in the coming years. With the changing times, there’s always something new cooking in the kitchen.

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