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What the heck am I doing in the blogosphere?

I entered the momblogosphere at an inopportune time: way past the dawn when mom blogging was considered a radical act and in the midst of potential FTC scrutiny and a PR blackout that have seasoned and new bloggers taking sides.

Early on, I expressed my distaste for product placement type blog posts, which I still abhor. Yet here I am planning a sister review site. The review thing will be an experiment. I've hung my shingle, but so far no one is exactly loading a free Frigidaire into my very makeover-worthy kitchen.

In the coming weeks, I plan to share some of the hits and misses of products I already buy. I'm not a savvy shopper (my incompetence is stunningly expansive), so it should be interesting. Or a disaster. Or something that disappears quickly and quietly (I hope it lasts, though, in part because Bo created a fantastic new header). But perhaps it will help raise my awareness of what this family consumes and why. Currently, my shopping is kind of a crap shoot.

At Spawnocalypse Reviews, I'll rank the brand name and generic diapers and wipes we've used, comment on which of my kids' toys are the least annoying, and maybe engage in a few off-label experiments with laundry products. It'll be a click away but not in your face.

Here, my goals will remain the same:
  1. To create a 21st century baby book for Gunnar and Annalie. Assuming they want to read it when they're older (at what age I haven't decided), I think it'll also give them a unique opportunity to learn about their mom as a person. Maybe this unscrubbed document of my experience raising them will come in handy when they start their own families, even if that's by using it as a guide for what not to do.
  2. To stay committed to personal writing endeavors. I started this blog after coming to the realization that I was just not going to sit down and write a book. Or a short story. Or a haiku. But getting down the little bits as they come--with the instant gratification of self-publishing--I could handle. Blogging is the one type of writing I did not study in school, and it's become a medium that feels like a perfect pair of shoes (though I'm still breaking them in). It's something at which I can only improve.
  3. To entertain the possibility of some extra income and/or new opportunities. I'm writing here anyway. In theory, it's only going to get better. So why not dream a little about a ridiculous amount of page views? Of chatting with Oprah about my new best-seller (created with very little work since the content's already here)?
  4. To promote self-growth. This one is technically new. An unexpected side effect of sharing my babies' growth and development has been that I've found a voice that took 30 years to come out. Until now, I've never felt informed or confident enough about much of anything to take a solid stance or provide an opinion. But as I noted in my very first post, motherhood has uncovered some loopholes in the laws of my personality. I'm still not the bossy type, usually, but I will share my decisions and stand by them. I let my kids cry it out. I had mixed feelings about breastfeeding. And I really don't regret either. On the other hand, I have delved into things about myself that I'm not proud of. But because of you, I'm holding myself more accountable to overcome my demons than I otherwise might.
So there you have it. I'm no longer using comment moderation (at least for now), so feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

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