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What to do after your root canal treatment?

What to do after your root canal treatment?

If you have a tooth with nerve damage due to decay or an infection, the only solution may be in a root canal treatment. The treatment allows you to keep your natural tooth and avoid an artificial one, keep its alignment and prevent any problems with the jaw. The nerve is not required for the proper functioning of your tooth so the removal during the root canal treatment does not cause any loss of functionality.

What is the procedure?

Your root canal treatment may be completed in a single visit or it could take a few dental visits. After an anesthesia is given in the infected area, a rubber dam may be used to keep the bacteria away from the surrounding areas. A hole is made in the tooth to get access to the roots. The pulp is then cleared out and the canal cleaned thoroughly. The cleaned canal is then filled, sealed and a filling used in the canal opening as well.

Tips you must follow after your root canal treatment

Once your root canal treatment is over, you should follow the instructions given by your dentist religiously. If you desire a healthy mouth, it is imperative that you follow proper after-care. Here are some tips for you:

  • Take prescriptions as directed – you surely know by now how painful can an infected tooth be. If your dentist has prescribed any antibiotics, this makes it important to take them as directed in order to avoid any additional infection.

  • Keep a tab on your pain level – if you feel any pain or discomfort after your root canal treatment, it can be treated using over-the-counter drugs like Advil. Keep in mind though that this pain is for a short time period for most people. If you are experiencing prolonged pain, you must contact your dentist.

  • Keep the treated area clean – it is important that the treated tooth and gum is kept very clean. Continue to floss and brush as well as use gentle rinsing to keep the area where the tooth canal was done especially clean.

  • Do not apply pressure on the infected tooth – after the treatment, your tooth will be tender. This makes it important that you do not add any extra pressure on it when you grind or clench your jaw. You could use a night guard for keeping your teeth apart and also avoid chewing from that side for a while.

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