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What to Do if You Slip and Fall in a Business

It is possible for just about anyone to slip or trip and fall during the course of their daily activities. Where it happens however, can largely determine what you will do after the event.

If you slip and fall in a place of business because the business didn’t take any necessary measures to keep their place safe for their customers, you can get compensated for any injury or suffering directly related to the event.

It is the duty of the people in charge of every place of business to take reasonable measures to protect visitors and customers. This is referred to as premises liability.

In the event that they don’t, and you suffer some injuries because you slipped and fell in their place of business, the following are the steps you should take to help make sure that you can be compensated for medical expenses, lost time and damages if the need for that ever arises.

Get to the Hospital Quickly

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you can either get to the hospital by yourself or call for medical help using your phone. Simply dialing 911 should do the trick.

However, if you can drive yourself to the hospital, do it quickly and have yourself checked out for any possible injuries. Most injuries sustained from slip and fall incidents are usually minor.

But, there are cases where the injuries could be major. For instance, it is possible to sustain head injuries, and broken bones from slipping. Getting medical attention will not only help fix any injuries you sustain immediately, it will also help you get the injuries noted while they are still fresh and you can remember everything.

Check for the Cause

Victims of slip and falls tend to be dazed and rattled right after the incident. The instinctive thing most people do is try to get away from the scene if possible –particularly when it’s embarrassing.

However, you should take some time to look around and determine the cause of the slip. If the floors were wet from mopping or as a result of a spill, see if there were clear indicators pointing to a wet floor up ahead.

It is possible to walk onto a wet floor if you’re quickly engrossed with other things, thus missing the warning signs. Anyway, try and determine what the cause of the slip is immediately. This might be important if the case becomes contentious and ends up in the law courts.

See If There are Witnesses

If there are witnesses, see if they would be willing to come forward if you were to ever file a compensation claim. If they agree, get their contact details. This is particularly for those who saw you fall.

Most slip and fall cases never go to the court as the business owner’s insurance company often settles out of court. But, if the compensation claims ever go to court –this is usually common in high cash value claims- the testimonies of the witnesses can go a long way in determining whether you get the compensation due to you or not.

File a Report with the Business Owner

Or anyone in a decision making capacity. Most businesses have someone in charge of incident reports. File one with the individual as soon as you can. This doesn’t mean that you should resolve the issue immediately. It’s just imperative that you do so quickly. This will go a long way in making your case incontestable in court.

You might also want to pay attention to comments from workers on the premises too. If they mention that there have been similar incidents in the past on the same premises, take note of that. It will go on to show that the business already has a history of negligence –information that could come in handy and further prove your case.

Get Some Evidence of the Incident

Take as many pictures and videos of the accident scene as possible. We understand that this might be difficult to do when you’re in pain. But, it’s better to have those pictures taken and stored on your phone before the condition of the place is rectified.

If you cannot, have someone do it as soon as they can. It doesn’t matter if the conditions are permanent or semi-permanent. You need to have all evidences to support your claims when you decide to file.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Once you file an insurance claim, you can be sure that the business owner and/or their insurance company will send an insurance adjuster or lawyer to you. Remember that these folks are not on your side. It is their job to get the lowest payout possible. So, talking to and working with them isn’t exactly in your best interest.

This is why we recommend that you hire a David Heil even before you file your compensation claims. That way, when the insurance adjuster or their lawyers show up, you’ll have a spokesperson in the form of your attorney.  

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