What To Look For When buy Baby Shower Invitations Online

You are throwing your first baby shower and the last time you bought stationery was for your wedding.  So what should you be looking for when you go to buy the baby shower invitations this time? 


No matter if you are looking for a nautical baby shower theme or something for twins. Here are a few simple tips on what to look for when buying stationery. Regardless of the evet you are throwing you want your invitation to represent you as well as the party.  So here is what you need to look for to get a quality product every time.


Paper Quality

You might be wondering how you would see paper quality if you are ordering your invitations online.  The easiest way to judge a paper quality is based on paper thickness.  Many sites will start with an 80lb cardstock, while this is thicker than most home printers it will still be less than desirable.  Look for 110-130lb options.  There will be a noticeable difference and will really set your card apart.



Never purchase from a company that is not willing to send a sample of their product.  Most companies will offer a generic set of samples so you can see the print and paper quality of their invites before you place your order.  A generic sample is fine but even better is if you can get a printed sample of your exact invite. A few companies such as Basic Invite offers fully customized samples where you can receive your invite with your color, text, in your paper choice so you can see exactly what you will receive before you place your full order.


Matching Sets

Once you have found the card you like it is easier to keep all your stationery the same.  Make sure to work with a company that offers the additional cards you need.  For example, with baby shower invitations you will need thank you cards are well.  Staying with the same provider for all the stationery for that event will make sure the print, theme, and paper quality stay consistent.



Take the time to read the reviews on the different companies you are going to work with. With custom products, there are always going to be something that goes wrong every occasionally.  That is ok however, check they reviews to see how handles spelling mistakes, or other print errors.  Look for themes in the reviews such as poor print quality, or poor paper quality as that will remain consistent across all their product lines.  You can ignore reviews that are specific to a particular product as they will not really pertain to your invite.


If you follow these 3 simple guidelines your baby shower invitations should turn our perfectly.  As mentioned above these same guidelines can be used for just about any stationery need.  So best of luck with all your future parties.

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