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What You Want To Know About Genital Surgery Especially Labiaplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure which involves the repair and reconstruction of the membrane which covers the entrance of the vagina. The membrane is called as hymen and contains fibrous and elastic tissues. If the hymen is torn for some reason due to damage to the area for unknown reasons, then it needs to be repaired, through surgical procedure.

In this article we will read some good information about labiaplasty.

Understanding scientific & cultural facts of the hymen

Normally all women have hymen which gets ruptured due to physical or sporting activities. There are many sporting activities which include cycling, gymnastics, horseback riding, and others. It can also occur due to various physical activities which include insertion of objects into the vagina. Women who want to get married or want to move on from a previous relationship tend to get this procedure performed.

While it is not a big deal with many parts of the world, however, in certain parts it is considered extremely important that the girl have her hymen intact before the wedding night. That is because they can face rejections or backlash in the society. Statistically speaking, the eastern countries are the largest consumers of this treatment. 

Types of Hymenoplasty

The need for a long period of hospitalization when performing this surgery is not required. The general anesthesia is applied which has effect for half an hour. Different levels of surgeries are performed depending on the nature of the rupture.

  • It involves creating a membrane of the hymen.
  • Another method involves the suturing the hymen.
  • The major surgery to repair the hymen is when the incision is performed on both sides of the vaginal epithelium. The muscles from the incisions are used to create the new hymen.

Results & post treatment care

The procedure when performed by a reputed doctor is achieved with accurate precision. There is always a small hole which is left over that helps in the excretion of body fluids. It is a major, but simple surgery that does not come with severe risks. There might be small side effects once the procedure has been performed including small swellings, minor pain, and point hemorrhages.

This is when you will want to make sure that you follow the guidelines as prescribed to you by your doctor. Before and after the operation, the doctor usually recommends and suggests certain guidelines, which you will want to strictly follow. Supposing you are having mental trauma, then you might want to get some psychological therapy as it can help in removing the mental strain.

Apart from that, you will want to visit your doctor for a monthly or weekly check up till the physician feels everything it is alright.

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