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What is the real deal about blogging? I was involved in big discussion a few months ago with a friend and well known popular blogger about how the blogging community has evolved and changed for the worse. It was mentioned that she is unhappy that people spring out from no where and just because the write about fashion and post a few pictures, they claim themselves to be "fashion experts." In her belief she feels that the blogging community has become a monster. She expressed her opinion how ridiculous it is that just anyone can sign up and blog and claim themselves a "blogger." While I respect her opinion, I completely disagree with her.

I emailed her privately and shared how I don't agree with her at all as my opinion runs deep within me because blogging saved me from a world of depression, self pity, and loneliness. Eight years ago, I abandoned my feminist side and decided to "go home" and raise my children 24/7. I found within my blogging community sisters (and a few brothers) who are there to listen and relate to my joys and pain. I have made friends for life here. (truly... I love you guys!)

Last night I finally watched Julia and Julia for the first time. My husband brought it home for us to watch, knowing that it would be interesting to me as a blogger. I have to say that I really enjoy this movie. Amy Davis played Julia Powell, a blogger with a passion for cooking who has much love for Julia Child. Julia Powell decides to give herself a life challenge and cook 536 recipes in 365 days and blog about each one. Here is the original to this blog I am blown away at Meryl Streep in her role as Julia Child. She is utterly fascinating.

As we watched this movie, I couldn't help but to think of my conversation with my friend in our disagreement of what blogging was really about. If you take a look at Julie Powell's original blog, there is nothing fancy about it. No interesting graphics nor a cool background. It is rather simple actually. She is just a girl from NYC who wanted to share her challenge with the world. She claimed herself to be a blogger. (just like the rest of us)

What I most enjoyed about this movie was that after being taken on this journey, I too felt the accomplishment in her perseverance and hard work as she completed her goal. How many times do we set up self goals and never come through with them? Personally I have volumes. As a mother, I can now make excuses that its their fault when the truth is, it usually never is. It is just a pitiful and convenient excuse to not persevere.

For years, I have been asking myself, "When can I call myself a writer?" I have books in my hard drive that are in the never ending process of being edited. Just because they aren't published yet, does that mean I am not a writer? I have been writing this blog for well over a year now, does this make me an "official blogger?"

When do you crown yourself a blogger? When does an artist claim themselves an artist? When does a poet claim themselves to be a poet?

Did the chicken come before or after the egg?

Can someone please help me here? (my head hurts)

What do you think?

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