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This is not a fairytale. This is how I finally figured out how to get my extra baby weight off, get toned up, get organized, and clean my house, in the most “fantabulously” insane way.

My friends have been dying for me to share my plan… so here it is…and for those of you who don’t know me YET… here is a little about me.

I am a stay-at-home/go-to-work mommy to Sophie (6) and Jack (2). Just like you, I carpool. I homework. I run a hundred errands a day. I cook. I clean. And, sometimes, when I can find a minute and thirty seconds somewhere in the day, I hide in the closet and take several Zen breaths while I sit underneath my sweaters. Occasionally I’m able to indulge my guilty pleasure – “the tabs” (‘cause I don’t have time to read anymore (who am I really kidding? Flipping through pictures of Jennifer Aniston’s fantabulous wardrobe is certainly not reading) (but it is more fun… ;) ) (I love her… shhhh!)).

I had hoped that these little burps of “alone time” were enough to recharge me again. But I remembered my life pre – kids (don’t get me wrong. I love them. They’re delicious.) and my once “Me Time” became “Them Time” and I was truly desperate to find balance!

I LOVE to exercise. But now I got me a couple a kids who are always on opposite schedules and finding any time to go to the gym, or a quick run around the neighborhood, was nearly impossible – not to mention all the other crap I needed to accomplish around my house. So, by the end of the day, I would make it through 1/4 of some lame –ass workout video, three cleaned dishes, two folded shirts and some half wiped, gooey countertops from my daughters latest cooking concoction comprised of paprika, flour, sugar, and water (leave me alone…if you are six, its fun…)

I was in my bedroom one day and I cried for exactly three minutes and 20 seconds before my two-year-old (who’s not at fan of pity parties) gave me a swift kick in my tush.

I felt overwhelmed. Not only had I lost my sense of self, I wasn’t organized and wasn’t getting anything done around my house. Not to mention the fact that my ass looked nothing like Jennifer Aniston’s and I’d never have the time to do anything about it!

That pissed me off.

So I became determined.

First and foremost – my butt. I had to figure out a way to get that back up, and back in my favorite pair of overpriced jeans that needed to be worn (have to get my money’s worth…)

Next, I needed to find a way to clean my house (that’s a tough one when you hate dishes, laundry, vacuuming, floors, basically anything to do with cleaning.

And last, but ever so not least, I needed to find some “Me Time” that was longer than the minute and a half in my closet under my sweaters reading about Angie and Jen’s “Oscar Run- In!”

Soooo…. To answer the question as to why my friends think I’m fantabulously insane…

I combined what I hated, cleaning, with what I love, exercising, and figured out a way to get it all done simultaneously and have some left over time for me.

With the help of a personal trainer and both Dr. Steven Jochen and Dr. Geoff Lecovan, I was able to put together a very effective interval training program that meets the needs of those who are beginners (or ones who prefer the housecleaning) as well as the needs of the hyperactive like moi (or my friend, Debbie, who likes a more boot camp approach where she can puke and then pass out).

Through my madness, I was able to drop my leftover baby weight in less than two months and really strengthen and tone up with out injury while cleaning my floors, counter tops, dishes, windows, carpet, laundry, toilets…yada, yada, yada…without wanting to gag!

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