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Why All Mamas Should Own Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are crucial for mamas and anyone else who needs to have their workouts be fast and effective. Not only are bands functional but they're extremely easy to use.

I originally wrote this post for Mommy Confessionals. So if you haven't had a chance to check her out.. get on it!

If you're looking for quality workouts with minimal equipment then bands are for you! And it doesn't hurt that bands are probably the cheapest (outside of body weight) piece of equipment you can invest in). I've long since been an advocate for resistance bands and here are five reasons why:

Bands don't take up space

Think about it. As much as having a full gym at home is awesome, most people don't have that luxury. Resistance bands provide you with an effective workout but take up little to no space. This means you can easily store them out of the way when you're not using them.

Bands provide resistance

One fun thing about our muscles is that they like to be challenged! And while bodyweight training is amazing in its own right, there are some exercises you simply can't do without equipment. Bands provide a needed stimulus for your muscles but you have control over how much. This resistance, since it's outside of the "daily norm" is what allows your muscles to develop and become stronger and more functional. Oh, and look good ;)

Bands travel well

A lot of you may not like to work out on vacation or when travelling.. but some of you do. Personally, I enjoy working out in new places and bands make that possible. I'm a lifter at heart but I can't exactly pack all my dumbbells into my suitcase! And sometimes, finding a gym on vacation is annoying. Enter bands. They are the perfect travel system because they take up little room but still give you a great workout... anywhere. I'm not kidding when I say I go no where without my bands!

Bands stimulate muscles different than weights

As previously mentioned, I love lifting. However, I will give credit to resistance bands because they challenge your muscles in a different way, a harder way. Wit bands, the more you pull the more tension is produced. Meaning, the exercise actually gets harder closer to the sticking spot which is perfect for forcing your muscles to adapt and improve.

Bands Are Joint Friendly

While exercise is great, not all types of physical activity is easy on your joints. Much of this depends on how you utilize the exercise but regardless, bands are extremely light on your joints. The create little pressure for them and allow them to move in a full range of motion. Plus, you control the tension so they're perfect for just about everybody.

Resistance bands
My favorite resistance bands

Have I convinced you yet? Honestly like I said, I LOVE resistance bands and I use them frequently (in my own programs as well as my clients!). That said, there are a few different kinds of resistance bands out. You can click here and scroll down to check them out. I recommend at least the purple and red one but the green one has some uses too. I prefer strength bands (any kind will do) over pilates or yoga bands as you'll get more out of each exercise.

For smaller work (like glutes) I'd suggest picking up a couple of mini bands. They're pretty cheap and definitely help improve your glutes!

If you're looking to boost your workouts and invest in some equipment, bands are the way to go!

What's your favorite piece of fitness equipment?


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