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Why are Ethics Important In a Business

This is a true story and I hope it has never happened to you! Enjoy the read & I'd love your responses!

Some people on Twitter and Facebook have been making all sorts of of comments as to why Ethics are Important in a Business?

A few years ago when I was crazily stoked doing alot of Home Parties in the candle business, I found I was getting a tonne of packages sent to my home by FedEx.

The company I was with was all about 'customer service' and at that time (this was probably over ten years ago) when you hosted a party with alot of different companies delivery could well be over 8 weeks! Since I was in a very remote part of BC, Canada, our area easily added on a few more weeks.

My company stood apart and instead of having products being shipped through the post office, they decided to use Federal Express and they 'ate up' the additional costs to make sure people were receiving their products in less than three weeks. This was something very good that I utilized in my selling features.

Since I was a leader I received many things for nothing and had pieces shipped almost on a weekly basis. I also let some hostesses use my address if they were far away and not within Federal Expresses delivery. In this way I probably received two to three parcels, or bundles every week.

Let's just say that the delivery people definitely knew who I was, and got my parcels to me in a very quickly and timely manner!

One day, when no one was home and it was pretty warm out, I had a nice cool shower, dried off and remembered I had a stack of clean clothes in the laundry room. So, I just padded through the house in um...nothing but what the good lord gave us.

At that particular moment, my trusty FedEx dude was delivering a big pack of bundles on my back step. Unfortunately for me, this of course was the fully glass door to my laundry room. Oops!

He was embarrassed, needless to say I was embarrassed, and I pretty much hid in my room for the better part of the day thinking "My professional life is ruined!"

In spite of this really embarrassing blunder, and trust me I've had many many more, I knew I had two choices:

1) I could let this embarassment hinder me in my business (I was already trying to think of how I could divert boxes to a different address....perhaps in a totally different city??) or
2) I could Face my embarrassment, laugh and learn from it, and keep on Keeping ON!

Good thing for me I chose Option number two because I would've missed some of the best money making years of my business if I didn't. (Averaging about $4,200/week!)

Having a good sense of humor enabled me to 'move forward' instead of panic, fear and embarassment hold me back.

Now I'm sure that you have had some little 'obstacle' or 'embarrassment' in your business which has held you captive too.

Perhaps, it's even held you back from stepping forward, facing your FEAR and I'm hear to tell you one clearly important thing:

Not Facing that Fear or Obstacle IS holding you back from having the Best years of your business financially!

I also knew that ethically I owed it to my customers, hostesses and consultants to stand up and Be the Leader, no matter what I was feeling inside.

Some of the other ways I feel that you can be ethical in your business are these:

1) Always do what you say you are going to! Don't make promises you don't intend to keep.
2) Don't let fear or embarrassment hinder you, learn from it, grow from it and teach others how to overcome that same fear.
3) Provide the best customer service you can. My partner Charlotte wrote a great article on the service recession which I agree is in a worse state right now than the 'economic recession'.

4) Keep your 'focus' on the why you are doing what you are doing! Is your intention to just sell a bunch of products to make a few quick dollars? or is your intention to build 'relationship sales' with your guests, hostesses and consultants? You need to decide that right now.
5) Keep on learning! Without learning how to be better, both personally and professionally, your business will sink taking you down in a spiral with it!

There are many other reasons I'm sure as to "Why are Ethics Important In a Business" but I just want you to think about where you are right now.

Are you happy with the results you are getting? Either in your business or your personal life?

My story today has made you laugh, I'm pretty sure, as well as made you think where your focus is!

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One thing I myself have learned from my story above is that I always grab a towel now when I jog through my house!

As for the FedEx dude, he started wearing a camera around his neck when he came to make my deliveries!

Jody Maley
Owner & Speaker of

"Where its not just about the Destination, it's the Journey to get There!"

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