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Why concierge medicine is becoming popular

Why concierge medicine is becoming popular

As many people age and the reforms in healthcare impact on them, trying other healthcare options is the only way of getting a solution. There will be a greater need for the healthcare advisory service in the future since the choice of the patient becomes complex and the access to the right clinicians turn to be difficult.

How concierge medicine works

Many people are now trying out concierge medicine with Direct-Pay healthcare option. The patient and consumer interest is now high. The health care practice is distinguished by low prices with direct primary care. Because of a smaller number of patients compared to the traditional primary care or insurance based medical practice, DPC doctors will spend more time talking with their patients about their prescription use, procedures and treatment or other healthcare options.

Compared to the old medical model, the concierge medicine also promotes how the patients go through the appointment without any rush and the possibility of accessing the physician the same day. The price of accessing this type of healthcare can cost the patient only $100 per month and this is why many patients are joining in.

What to expect with concierge medicine

In the beginning, the concierge medicine with the direct pay doctors was operating through primary care or in family practice. However, the data now shows that the number has increased. There is now a growing number of physicians who practice direct pay healthcare in oncology, dermatology, addiction medicine, cardiology, dentistry, gynecology, spine surgery, psychiatry, general surgery and pediatrics.  Such specialties now offer long appointments, immediate access with the proactive healthcare focus which is the same as the primary care concierge practice. Some doctors offer home visit too. The specialist will limit the practice to a small number of patients since a doctor can deal with only 159-300 patients compared to 300-750 patients of a doctor in the normal situation. The concierge medicine tends to also focus more on the patients who suffer from chronic conditions.

Family medicine and primary care doctors list their price in the menu as a trend and they offer affordable healthcare services with discounts on examination and laboratory tests. The price can be a fraction of the price of insurance-based and traditional medical care offices.

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