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Two reasons- #1 Because they can. #2 Because their not getting something they want and/or need.
                    (I know few people may disagree with my reasons but hear me out.)

(Reason one- Because they can.)
       I think that a woman can be in the most perfect relationship but their husband/boyfriend might still cheat on them. Why you may ask. Well because there's always someone outside your relationship to cheat with. Its really that simple. Let me break it down to you female to female. 
     You have these beautiful comfortable shoes and they look good on you,the right color, fit and You get compliments every where you go. One day you you walk past a shoe store and there it is, the most beautiful shoe you have yet to see. You know you don't need it and probably can't afford to have it but you want it. You convince yourself that this shoe can fit in your life and its worth it. So the mind games begin. You start thinking how good the shoe looks and the amount of outfit you can put together and how this would be your staple shoe. You finally make up your mind and buy the shoes. Your Excited and pleased cause you just had a shoegasm. Its Something new and best of all in your price range. You finally wear the shoes out and all of a sudden your feet is killing you All of a sudden it downs on you, you just wasted a lot money. Those shoes wasn't worth the pain.
      So with men its the same thing. They see a lady and she's new and exciting. She looks like fun and so he wants her. Not cause he needs her but just because he could afford to have her. Now you find out and the arguments, fighting and break up comes into play. At that moment he realize that he wasted money on a new pair of shoes when the old one was all he needed.

(Reason 2- Their not getting what they want.)

      This is self explanatory. The man just wants what's he wants. No relationship is perfect. So let's be adults about it. Maybe your not pleasing him sexually. Maybe your just too pushy. Maybe your cooking sucks. Maybe he doesn't like the way you look anymore (That's my next blog topic). That's just one of many reasons every man is different. He's human and as human we love to change out minds. For example college you and adult you are totally different right. Your fashion style changed also. Its just life and unfortunately we have to suffer with the consequences.

      Now I'm sure you heard these reasons before but thought it was a bunch of bull but the thing I learned so far about men are they really just speak their mind. They say it like they mean it. So in conclusion i think that if every female on this planet earth decides as a union no more cheating, then men wouldn't be able to cheat even if his ass is unhappy.

So ladies and men tell me what you think is the reason why men cheat?


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