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Why I'd like to be one of my kids for a day

It seems many of you related to my last post 10 Reasons Why I'd Like to be a Dad for a day. You have no idea how happy that makes me.  As someone who spend a good portion of the time asking, "Is it just me?" it's reassuring to know others are as insane as I am experiencing many of the same thoughts and emotions. The general consensus seems to be that being a Dad comes with some great perks and is something we'd like to experience now and again.

Because this blog is totally legit, I conducted some research to test out the "it's cool to be a dad" theory.  My findings were conclusive: being a Dad for a bit is not as easy as it seems.  I tried it Wednesday night.  In attempt to snag the title of "Funnest Parent in the House" I allowed my kids to eat mini corn dogs on the Couch That Will Not Be Touched while watching "The Hobbit" until 8:30 on a school night! I know, I know. Could I be anymore fun?

I will admit for the 169 minutes of the movie I was totally the favorite parent.  Both kids might have even mentioned that I was the "best mom ever" a time or two.  (I maintain that this was a totally legitimate statement and not the ramblings of two overly stimulated children who had all the rules tossed out the window in one night.) I was riding high for quite a while.  There might have been an end zone dance or two in the kitchen because of the points I earned as the "best mom ever."

Yup, this is me.  The Queen Mother.

Like in most situations, however, the fun came crashing down like a house of cards.  I stupidly thought that because I was the "best mom ever" and in possession of the Funnest Parent in the House crown the rest of the night would be smooth sailing.  I am an idiot.  The Couch That Will Not Be Touched ended up with ketchup on it.  The bedtime that was graciously extended did not go any quicker and there were not fewer requests to "brush your freaking teeth!"  And the movie I allowed them to watch had enough freaky characters and battles that I was pretty sure I'd be sharing my bed with my 6 year old.  On the bright side, having him climb in bed with us would certainly save me from the horrifying experience of waking up to him standing at the edge of my bed, staring at me all night.

Lesson #1 learned: being The Funnest Parent in the House is super awesome... at the time.  Lesson #2 learned: if you don't have a mom to do the clean up, it's a really short lived victory.

So I got to thinking... if being The Mom often feels like a downer and being The Dad has only short term benefits, who would I like to be for a day?  Duh! For one day I'd like to be one of my kids. And so I give you:

Why I'd Like to Be One of My Kids for a Day...

1. Me, The Mom

There you go.  There's my list.  I'm done.  I would like to be one of my kids for a day because I'd have a ME, The Mom.  Just so we're clear, I have a mom.  She's still living and we talk on the phone several times a week.  When I say I'd like to be a kid because I'd have a mom, it's not because I literally do not have one.  I'd like to be a kid so I can have a mom because everything that makes a kid's life awesome involves one thing... ME, The Mom!

You think I'm kidding or giving myself too much credit? I've got the data to back it up.  Oh yeah, I can walk the walk and talk the talk. Yesterday I asked my children to tell me what makes being a kid so rad.  Here's the list:

*1. Having fun most of the time

*2. Video games and other screens

*3. Going to the movies

*4. Going to the beach

*5. Having friends over and going to friends' houses to play

*6. Reading

*7. Toys

*8. Playing on sports teams

*9. Getting presents

*10. Not having a job

*11. Not having to do the laundry

*12. Don't have to cook

*13. Always snacks in the pantry

*14. Only a few chores

*15. Getting allowance

*16. Candy

I was careful to take detailed notes about what they said so I promise you this is completely THEIR list.  So as I looked it over I noticed one common thread... ME (and The Hubs too for many of them but since I'm the primary parent at home most of it falls to me) In some way, shape or form all of the things that with a * and make my kids' lives fantastic are connected to me.

I think it's reasonable to expect this as a first tattoo, no?

Some moms would realize this and become resentful.  "Why do I have to do everything!?" Other moms  would feel nothing but pressure and the fear of failure. "They won't be happy if I don't plan great stuff!" There might even be a few moms out there who would become smug. "My kids are happy and have a great life because I am so awesome!"

Me? After I realized I was an integral part of the things that make my kids' lives "cool" I felt nothing but... a heap of relief with a side of pride.

Let's be honest, being a mom ain't easy and it's not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of blood, sweat, tears and even daily a few emotional meltdowns to do it right. Few have the perseverance, endurance and gumption needed to raise small, untrained, emotional human beings to become happy, healthy and productive members of society.  And we all know the rewards are often few and far between.  So if at the end of a long Wednesday that may or may not have included a lecture or two, my kids can give me a substantial list of things that make their lives wonderful, and I played even a small role in it? I'm relieved because it means in spite of all the Mothering I do, they still like their Mom. And I can't help but feel a little proud because, although my goal is to raise 'em right, raising 'em happy is quite an accomplishment.

In spite of it all, I'm part of the reason my kids are happy.

That's just my normal.

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