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Different Styles And Types Of Furniture To Try For Your Home

Everybody has a dream to buy a house for their own and design it as per their choice which pleases them as well their loved ones. Whether it is an apartment, two storeyed villa or tenement people always are keen to design it and make it more attractive and…

Fun Repurposing Projects for Those Old Blinds

No room is complete without the right blinds! But, that doesn’t mean the same set of blinds will look right at home in your living room until the end…


Why is getting diagnosed such an hassle

It has been a battle since this began. The day before yesterday, my position will be long, and it will probably be difficult to understand in some areas because of my lack of concentration and mental cognitive skills, but I will get to that later. Sometimes wish i could use a limitless pill in real life to take away all the sorrow and thoughts

So I'll start with a little about myself. I am 21 years old, currently in Ontario, Canada. (2011), post-traumatic stress disorder (2011), migraine headaches (unrelated to the diagnoses date however had spread through childhood and grew more prevalent in my adult years), Severe Illness ( 2013), Hyperthyroidism (2013), Hypothyroidism (2013 due to treatment with Radio Iodine). These are my fully diagnosed conditions, however I have other conditions that are currently in question.

I have multiple small lesions in the white matter of my brain, the technicians indicated a possible disease of early appearance of the white matter. I also have a variety of neurological symptoms consistent with Multiple Sclerosis, so although my MRI of my brain shows lesions are not in the area required to be MS, I am still waiting for more MRI scans of my spinal cord for other lesions to Obtain more possible evidence. Although I have not been diagnosed, the MS clinic agreed to take my case for treatment in the month of August.

Serious illnesses or previous serious surgeries would only consist of two incidents that I can not remember out of hand. I had a breast reduction surgery (2014) with little or no complications, I think I may have had a small infection, but no concern, I think it was on antibiotics. The other serious illness I had was when I volunteered at a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

I just had my teeth removed and I was given a preventative antibiotic for any possible infection, so I have an infection anyway. So on a second type of antibiotic to get rid of the current infection in my surgical wounds. While in the middle of the wildlife, I was working out feeding the squirrels, a bee stung me and bacteria got into the wound.

The wound swelled and red and I was worried it was an allergic reaction so I went to the hospital. While at the hospital they said that the site of the bite had gotten cellulite, and I received my third type of antibiotics within a period of time 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately, the attack of the disease did not stop there and because of me visiting the hospital after being on so many antibiotics, I contracted Chlostridium Difficile which put me back in the hospital with blood pressure indices that seemed to read too low for be understood in the machine. I was about to fall into a coma or give me my heart. Scary stuff, but I recovered!

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