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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Doggy Park Clean at Mom-Home

If you’ve got a dog park in your neighborhood, you and your best furry friend are really lucky. Not everyone has that privilege and convenience. Many have to fight for it, start initiatives and make a lot of effort to have one built in their neighborhood. What’s more, chances are someone of your neighbors (maybe even you yourself) had to do the same thing and fight for this space.

And now that you have it, it would really be unfair to let it decay and become covered with filth. So it is in your and your pet’s interest to keep the place clean and well-maintained because you spend time there as well, and besides just being ugly and wrong in itself, the bad conditions of the park could have serious negative consequences for both of you, and this is why.

Dog Poop Kills Grass

I’m sure you’re dog park is well equipped with waste stations like these https://www.bowwowwaste.com/dog-waste-stations/. There are different types of waste stations, some of which have bags and a trash can, or at least with standalone trash cans. Be it as it may, even if there’s none of this in your local dog park, this is still not a reason or excuse to leave your dog’s poop uncollected.

Contrary to popular belief, unlike cow manure or excrement of other animals, dog poop is by no means useful for the ground and definitely isn’t a fertilizer. On the contrary, it is quite harmful and if left for a long time, it actually destroys the grass thanks to both the various substances and harmful bacteriain it.

Dog Excrement Is Harmful To both Dogs and Humans

Like any other excrement, dog poop can contain parasites and bacteria. So besides the unpleasant smell and simple rudeness of leaving your dog’s “package” behind, there is anactual danger to your pet, other dogs and yourself and other people. Always bring a doggie bag with you, just in case the waste station is currently out.

Obviously, your dog could get infected from other canine’s excrement, and what’s a better way to prevent this than lead by example, cleaning after you dog first and thus prompting the others to do the same. Furthermore, dog’s poop can be harmful to humans, so if you don’t want to end up infected or be guilty of someone else catching some nasty bacteria or parasite, make sure not to leave anything behind at the dog park.

Communal Responsibility

Doggy park is, so to say, a communal good. It belongs to the whole neighborhood and all the local dogs. It would be really unfair and inconsiderate to disregard this and simply do nothing about keeping it well-maintained. It’s a group responsibility and a matter of solidarity, common good,and proper manners. As already mentioned, it’s also a matter of leading by example and making sure you do the right thing.

Even if not everything is ideal at the park, if there aren’t enough trash cans or waste stations, it’s really not all that difficult to carry a waste bag with you and throw the excrement in the nearest garbage can. Or even better, that’s yet another reason to operate as a community and make ajoint effort to improve the conditions in your local dog park.

It’s Illegal

If none of these things such as health, ethics, good manners or common sense mean anything or don’t mean much to you in this matter, then it’s good to remind you it’s illegal to leave behind your dog’s poop. The fines can be quite high, so you might think twice before deciding not to pick up your pet’s excrement.

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