Why Moms Are Having More Neck Pain Due to Smartphone's Use

Did you know that Teenagers are not the only people succumbing to new age technology? Smartphones overuse which we usually connect with youngsters has become a craze among mothers too. They are increasingly being plagued by what is termed as Mom’s text neck.

The messenger applications like WhatsApp and SnapChat, mobile internet browsing and the low call tariffs have wreaked havoc with the way these smartphones are used. Nowadays if you walk into a doctor’s waiting room or an airport or any other public place for that matter, it is rare to see people actually conversing with each other. Instead they have an intimate conversation with their smart devices.

No wonder mothers are reporting more text neck pain now than ever before.

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Why Is Text Neck Going to Be Chronic Disease?

Text neck is a technology induced condition that affects the neck due to improper use of a smart device or cellphone. Talking or texting with a device puts excessive pressure on the muscle and bones in the neck.

To understand this phenomenon better, you need to know about the human head and how the neck supports it. On an average, a human head weighs about 10 pounds. The spine props up the head. Imagine your spine as a stick. And the head as a bowling ball, which you are going to balance with the stick. While the stick could balance the ball in an upright position, when the stick is tilted at an angle, it would not be as supportive.

The result is, it would bend under pressure and eventually crack. Now this is what is going to happen when you text or talk on a smartphone with your neck tilted at an angle.

This is not a simple hypothesis. Studies have been done on the text neck phenomenon that corroborates the above facts. The Surgical Technology International journal in one such study has revealed that excessive pressure on spine is due to the tilt caused by texting and voice calling.

According to the study,

  • 40 pounds of pressure occurs with a 30 degrees tilt
  • 49 pounds of pressure occurs with 45 degrees tilt
  • 60 pounds pressure will be caused by 60 degrees tilt

The pressure produced causes strained muscles and pain. If you have been on your phone for 15 minutes or more than that you are sure to feel stiff in your neck and shoulders. This stiffness and pain is termed as text neck.

While the above study is for the average human body, for women, especially mothers who are prone to lowered bone mass and calcium levels, the effect of text neck pain is more and so is the incidence of the condition. Thus, mom’s text neck is of much more concern.

How Do I Know I Have Text Neck?

Text neck can be easily identified by the soreness and pain in the neck region. Prolonged use of cell phone or a smart device can cause symptoms such as;

  • Pain in the upper back that ranges from nagging chronic pain to severe and sharp muscle spasms in the upper back region.
  • Tightness and pain in the shoulder region leading to muscle spasm.
  • In case of damage to cervical nerve, the neurological symptoms can move down the arm to the hand level.

How Can I Make the Text Neck Pain Go Away?

Since text neck pain, especially a chronic one can be quite difficult to handle, it is necessary to deal with the condition effectively and treat is as soon as possible. Otherwise you may have to face irreparable nerve damage.

As it is impossible to imagine spending a day or even an hour without our devices, this is what many of you would be wondering. Although it may come as a surprise to many, one easy and effective way to fight text neck pain is by using the same device that caused it in the first place.

Why Other Devices Cannot Help Neck Pain Caused by Text Neck?

The market has innumerable number of products that focus on pain relief in the back, neck, shoulder and any other part of the body.

These devices guarantee relief from discomfort, tension, stress and pain. But it is difficult to come by a product that can

  • Give you updates and states that are customized to fix problems
  •  Prevent the text neck pain from occurring again

Further, the regular pain relieving devices are difficult to use or too expensive to contemplate.

So what is the Best solution for my text neck?

To tackle with text neck symptoms, relieve the pain and prevent them from occurring, a device that is affordable, portable and convenient is needed.

Vita Activate (model Alex) Posture Tracker and Coach is an all new technological device that provides you important information and tools that help fix the improper neck posture. The device enables;

  • Relief from strain in the muscles and tendons that lead to pain in the shoulder, back and neck.
  • The device protects the spine
  • Improves life quality

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How will this text neck prevention device help me?

  • The device has a compact design which can be easily worn on your back in the neck region
  • It is easy to use and store
  • The mechanism of action helps to fix and avoid further neck pain.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Posture analysis and monitoring is possible
  • Gives you an appropriate head and neck posture to correct the improper posture that triggered the pain
  • Gives permanent relief from chronic shoulder and neck pain.

Since the neck pain increases in incidence with age, mothers should be more alert about the condition and seek immediate attention to prevent the condition from worsening. Text neck can also cause impaired lung capacity as the slumped position limits the ability of lungs to expand.

The reduced oxygen inhalation results in the heart pumping harder to spread oxygenated blood throughout the body. With an effective device such as Vita Activate (Alex) Posture Tracker, you can effectively nip the text neck condition in the bud, before it turns into a big issue for you.

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