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Why women consider getting breast reduction

Why women consider getting breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is among the most patient pleasing operations and it is performed by a plastic surgeon. The patients who request to get this operation may be suffering from shoulder discomfort, back pain and chronic neck pain. Sometimes they may also suffer from rashes and irritation where the bra straps dig into the skin because of larger breasts. Some of the patients may have all of these problems with larger breasts and it can interfere with their daily activities.

Weighing the benefits and disadvantages of the procedure

Like most plastic surgical procedures, it is good if a woman takes time to decide the benefits she can get from the procedure such as more balanced breasts with improvement of the back or shoulder problems; and the disadvantages like loss of sensation and scars. Some of the patients who are undergoing the procedure will be happy and they will regret not having the procedure done earlier.

When it comes to breast reduction surgery, the woman will be concerned about the breast size they will get. Each patient is going to have different goals. Some women want to be very small while others want to get a size which is proportional to their body.

Clear communication is important with breast reduction

To achieve the goals of the patient, it is important that the plastic surgeon communicates well with the patient. There is no need to use words like fake looking, top heavy, C cup or natural since they will have different meanings for different women. The cup size will be different according to the manufacturer and this is why talking about the cup size may not be accurate.

The width of each woman is different. Some women may have a wide chest wall and it is not easy for them to get a certain cup size with a small width.  

Some doctors may use pictures in order to communicate the results to the patients. As well as discussing the techniques, the patient will also be encouraged to talk about the size she wants to get and the one she does not like. The pictures of what you want to achieve will be hanging on the wall during the surgery in order to make a comparison. This is a helpful system when it comes to achieving your goals.

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