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Why You Should Start Playing Golf Today

Have you been planning to start a new sport to get in shape for the summer? Not really sure which sport is for you? Forget about soccer, baseball or swimming. Golf is the best sport of them all and here are a few reasons why:

You can practice anywhere

The great thing about golf is you can play it anywhere. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a golf club. You can create a golf course in your backyard or even in your living room. Just pick up the club and you can start!

It gets you outside

Playing golf is a great excuse to get some fresh air. It also gets you to walk and admire the greenery around you. After spending a sunny day on the golf court you will get the right amount of vitamin D into your system, have healthier skin and will be less prone to depression thanks to regular physical activity.

Brings satisfaction

Golf can be extremely rewarding. The constant challenge makes it very satisfying once you manage to take that perfect shot. There will be terrible shots as well but that’s the beauty of golf, it is full of surprises.

Fancy golf apparel

Doing any sport is more enjoyable if you can wear fancy clothes. The Golf Society knows that the right apparel can make your playing experience much more comfortable. Golf clothes can also make you look more stylish and classy.

Teaches you patience, improves focus and coordination

The biggest advantage of golf is the life lesson it gives you on staying patient. Taking a perfect swing takes time and practice. Golf teaches you that every failure makes success that much sweeter. Also, with every swing you take,  you improve your hand-eye coordination and mental focus.

Don’t waste another minute! Call a friend and check if golf is just the sport you’ve been looking for!

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