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Workout Wednesdays: Interview W/ Tight Bod With A Pod

Workout Wednesdays: Tight Bod With A Pod

A catchy name will take you far. The web site Tight Pod With A Pod first caught my eye on Facebook with a small ad on the right-hand column. It took me a second to ponder their name before checking out the FB fan page. I was hooked from the start. A site that boasts "fitness tips and healthy bits for moms by moms" with a clean, modern palate will win my heart any day. Not to mention a easy-to-browse M- F daily newsletter that made my mouth water with a recipe for banana chocolate chip cookies.

As many of you know TBWL is still in its infancy, and goodness knows my editorial skills from working for a business magazine back in the day are a bit rusty, so I was a bit intimated to approach such an officially sweet site for an interview. However, I am so glad I did. Diana Krupa, mom to an active toddler boy, and one of the main forces behind Tight Bod With A Pod (TBWAP) promptly and graciously replied to my request.

TBWAP first launched in April 2010. One of my favorite aspects is You Tube workout videos customized to where you are at in your mommy-hood stage (1 Trimester, 2nd Trimester, 3rd Trimester, Post-Natal, and Active Moms) and with a focus on arms, legs, butt, and core. The videos are easy to follow and get your workouts going. I am a self-proclaimed workout-dvd-junkie, so yes, I most definitely love instant access to quick and easy workouts!

Dig into TBWL's email interview with TBWAP:

How, and why, was TBWAP founded? And how did the name Tight Bod With A Pod come about? TBWAP was founded in 2007 by Melissa Heuser as a door-to-door training service for expecting moms and moms who wanted to lose baby weight and stay fit. Melissa felt that expecting moms were not aware of all the opportunities in fitness while being pregnant – She felt that it was important to get the word out and help moms stay fit and prepare for their lives ahead with their new additions. After having two babies of her own, it became harder for her to expand the business so I (Diana Krupa) took the business online with a plan to turn it into more of a destination spot for moms looking to live a healthy and fit lifestyle and stay hip, modern and sane in today’s tumultuous times.

The name Tight Bod with a Pod worked well for the service rendered, and is simple and visual enough to stay memorable. It’s cute, smart and makes sense.

How has TBWAP evolved since inception, and how does TBWAP plan to evolve? The fundamentals of how the site should look and what it should deliver on a daily basis has virtually stayed the same. In a bigger picture, TBWAP will be joining forces with its “big sister” company, Tiny Massive (, to work on incorporating a shopping comparison site for baby registries. Our goal is to make TBWAP a one-stop shop for both expecting moms and seasoned moms alike.

How does TBWAP decide their editorial calendar/features? We have a round-table discussion once a month where everyone brings topics to the table. These topics are based on: current affairs, magazine clippings, anything and everything that relates to women, moms and kids. It also depends on the month and upcoming holidays and events.

How can TBWAP help busy moms? We are a quick, easy read on a variety of topics. Our on-the-go workouts and fitness ideas help moms who have little time to head over to the gym or pick up the latest fitness craze. We are busy moms too and hope to motivate these moms with our experience, advice, and what we can do for them!

What is the one thing that TBWAP will NEVER write about? And what is the one thing that TBWAP gets the most excited about featuring? We never touch upon political or religious views. Everyone has the right to their opinion, and we respect that by being non-biased. We are here to educate women on all various options by presenting facts and steering clear of judgment. If we happen to feature a topic that is controversial for some reason, we will always try to remain neutral and show all sides.

Since we are a budding company, we are excited about everything we write about! We especially love featuring health discoveries and any new methods that help keep Mom and her home in order and stress-free!

If TBWAP could serve up one key piece of advice for new moms, what would it be? As a mom your day never seems to slow down. Make sure you find time daily or weekly to take care of yourself. Work on instilling a healthy lifestyle from the get-go for you and your family; this will help you maintain good health and energy to chase your toddler around later on.

- - -

Thank you Diana and TBWAP! Can't wait for my next newsletter. Please check out their site and sign up for your newsletter as well.

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