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If your boys are looking for a great adventure with pirates look no further.

Title: Yaakov The Pirate Hunter

Author:  Nathaniel Wyckoff

Publisher:  Nathaniel Wyckoff

ISBN: 9781456452490 


Yaakov was a boy with a sense of adventure and loved to read. He was also excited about the latest robot technology. As a matter of fact, he had a five-foot-tall robot he called Autoriser. Yaakov and his brother Yosef had been outside playing frisbee, that is, until it landed on the roof. Yaakov sent Autoriser to get it but he fell when Yosef accidentally hit it with a baseball. While the boys tried to repair Autoriser they stumble across a treasure map in his program that directs them towards the Mojave Desert. With the help of their dad they embark on an adventure to find what the treasure is and why the map was in Autoriser. Unfortunately for them, they are not the only ones seeking this mystery treasure. Is this treasure real and how will they battle the bad guys? Yaakov and his family will have to find out on their big adventure.

Author Nathaniel Wyckoff has created an adventure story geared towards boys. This fast paced read has good versus evil and robots too. Readers will learn some things about Jewish culture as well. Parents and teachers can use this tool as a read-a-loud for further classroom study about pirates, treasure and history.

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