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Hello Ladies!

A new idea for us!

Yes, it's still because of my sleepless nights...

What the hell!!

It's not my fault!


In order to celebrate my 100 fans, I just started a new album on my FACE BOOK PAGE !!

Please, check it out, share it, and shoot your "YOU ARE A MOMMY IF..." (by leaving a comment either on this post or on the album's link - click on the image and you'll be redirect there in less than a second)

I will add your quote to the album together with your blog's or facebook page's link (if you write it on a comment).

You can also vote for your favorite one!

The one that will receive more "likes" will get a great, unique and fantastic post about her blog !! (written by me of course!! - What did you expect?!)


Let your friends VOTE FOR YOU and let me know your "You are a mommy if..." !!  :)


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