You don’t use paper towels, say WHAT!

Mama’s in my quest to save my family money and try my best to be a green Mama I decided that my family could live without the use of paper towels. I know some of you are about to flip out and look at me sideways, seriously hear me out. We are a family of 6 and we used a lot of paper towels. Every 2 weeks we went through 12-14 rolls of paper towels. This costs us about $22.00 per month. It is my job to save my family money in any and all ways possible so the paper towels weren’t a necessity for us and we would learn to live without them. Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy at first because we used them multiple times per day like most families. However my kids would grab a napkin for anything, seriously and they weren’t just tearing off one paper towel, they were tearing off 2 and three at a time. I thought that getting the select-a-size would stop that and I was wrong so I gave them 30 day’s notice that we would not be purchasing anymore paper towels when the month was up. Let me just say the Bouie household was in an uproar!

My hubby pulled me aside and asked me was I insane. He needed his paper towels and he wasn’t willing to part with them. He asked me to save money somewhere else. I refused and I asked him to give me 2 months and if he wasn’t sold we could go back. I figured by then my system would be in place and he wouldn’t even think about his beloved paper towels. Mama’s I was right. So by now you’re wondering what in the world do we use instead of paper towels…. Well the answer is twofold. Initially I started using white heavy duty bar towels, but when we had spaghetti or pasta dishes I always had to bleach the bar rags. I didn’t like that so I went to Home Goods and bought those little colored bath cloths that come in a cute bundled ribbon. You get about 4-6 bath cloths for $4.99 or $5.99. I chose dark colors because they don’t stain.

We use these rags as table napkins whenever we eat. Each person has a different color at the table while we’re eating so the kids don’t get confused and get into a squabble about someone else using their rag. I also use them for dishwashing in the kitchen. I now use the old bar rags to clean the bathrooms and dust. We have been doing this for 6 months now and to my surprise not only have I saved my family $132.00 in 6 months, but my kids wash their hands more (which is definitely a great thing) and they make less messes. When they make a mess it involves much more than just wiping it up with a paper towel. They have to get a rag with the spray bottle (which consists of vinegar and water) and clean up their mess. I can honestly say that I am glad we chose to let the paper towels go. You’d be surprised what you and your family can do without and save money at the same time! Maybe you’re not ready to lose the paper towels just yet, but I’m sure you can look around and find something that can you can live without and save your family money. So start looking and happy hunting. Enjoy your Wednesday Mama’s!

P.s. I do keep 1 roll of paper towels for our guest, so no worries.


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Comment by Ruchita Parat on April 19, 2013 at 10:27am

paper towels great idea even in my jano india US hindi foundation  teaching hindi and indian culture we use them as these can be recycled it give easy in waste management gret one and if childern eat them it is not harmful

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