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You know you're living the Mom Life when...

Have you ever had a moment or four of realization in parenting? You know... that moment where you drive to your mini vacay of the week the grocery store ALL ALONE and listen to the Sesame Street Theme song the whole way there and didn't even realize it until you parked. Well, I've had TONS of those moments and I'll bet you can relate to a lot of them as well!

you're officially a mom when...

  • You own a million shirts (or a car decal) with 'Mom Life' on them because people need to know what you deal with on the daily
  • You've convinced your kids that cleaning house is a game
  • There are more toys and crayons in your purse than money
  • Buying a Bubble Machine (affiliate link) off Amazon is the new way of treating yourself
  • Getting to eat a meal when it's still warm is almost as enjoyable as going out to eat...alone...without your kids.
  • Baby wipes are what you use to clean everything; the dash of your car, stains on your clothes, a sticky spot on the table, etc.
  • Grocery shopping alone is like taking a mini-vacay
  • You have a secret stash of Lindor Chocolate candy stashed away, just for you
  • The Disney playlist on Spotify houses all your favorite songs (Moana anybody?)
  • You know the names of all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • You can build anything out of Lincoln Logs and Legos


  • Getting to bed before midnight is a rare occurrence
  • Bedtime is referred to as Nite-Nite.....not only to your kids but also to your husband
  • Instead of saying "dinner is ready", you yell, "NumNums" and everyone comes running
  • You've picked it up off the floor and put it back on the plate
  • A disposable icepack is one of the many things you keep in your purse/diaper bag....anyone?, just me? Maybe that's a Boy Mom thing.
  • Coffee is your new Love Language
  • Saving lives with your quick cat-like reflexes is one of your many talents


  • Your idea of dressing up is putting on actual jeans because apparently yoga pants aren't considered business casual
  • When you put makeup on, the kids ask where we're going
  • You cant remember the last time you slept for 8 hours straight
  • a PSA is necessary when you are getting in the shower because someone is going to need something from you in that 8-minute time frame
  • You wake up 30 minutes early in the morning hoping to have a little quiet time with your coffee
  • Your husband and you agree not to buy any nice furniture until the kids are in college
  • You've convinced yourself a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich includes all the food groups because it actually does!
  • You no longer know the word or meaning of "personal space"
  • Coffee is also your new liquor of choice because you'd take a shot of espresso over a shot of liquor most any day
  • You consider Target a Mommy Support Group until someone can prove it isn't
  • "(your kids' name) Mom" is what you answer to more than your actual name
  • Other mom's you talk to don't have actual names either, you also just know them as Kensley's mom or Ryan's dad
  • You aren't afraid of anything, but you're afraid of everything
  • A trip to the bathroom includes an audience
  • You pray. About everything. Because you’ve learned you can hardly control anything.
  • You are loved more than you ever thought possible
  • You love these little munchkins more than you ever thought you could love another being

What can you add to the list? Leave yours in the comments below! <3

(this post does contain affiliate links for some of my favorite things!)

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