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Your gonna shoot your eye out ya cotton headed ninny muggins! Or ~ my therapy for a typical day in December…

So as you “regular readers” know, I have decided to become a physically better person. I am following a program that will supposedly take me from a couch potato to an athlete running a 5k in 9 weeks! Yesterday I “ran” my first day. I felt good about myself, though admittedly I hated every second of it. My theory is if I don’t forget how horrible it felt I will never let myself get in that shape again. Leah was even more encouraging when she told me how she went from 200 pounds to 145 since February and now runs 3 miles a day! So here I am ~ inspired!

Then I woke up this morning.

I am sad, yet sickly proud, to say I have my first athletic injury as an adult! Some nastiness happened with my (I assume) Achilles tendon and it hurts like hell! Great. The day is not off to a great start and I have Miles to go before I sleep …

Pop some ibuprofen, drink my morning coffee, catch a shower and some emails and plan to head out to my hair appointment. Imagine?! A whole hour just about ME?! Yea, not so much. Phone rings. It’s J’s school. Her ears are bleeding ~ can I come up and decide what to do? Okay that’s not exactly the way the call went, but you get the idea. I FLY up to the school expecting hemoragging and instead find my daughter lounging on her back with her legs crossed, reading. No blood just drainage. New cotton balls, some clean up and back to class she went … much to her displeasure. Back to my day… head to ATM and realize my card is gone. Great. Run home, look in each coat pocket, pants in laundry… the usual drill when I lose the damn thing (yes, it’s happened before … several times) and can’t find it anywhere! Run to the bank, stop the card, order a replacement Blah blah blah… finally get to my hair appointment. Whew. I enjoyed some time of relaxation and pleasure as hot wax is poured on my eyebrows and ripped off. Heaven.

I head home to start the wrapping and sorting but the phone rings again. Julia is back at the nurse’s office complaining of her ears. I go back up and check her and her brothers both out even though it is 45 minutes early. We need to head to Charlotte for the Radiothon for the Children’s Miracle Network. Greg proceeds to tell me for the entire ride that he is carsick and we need to find some doctors when we get to the hospital. Do I think there will be any Doctors or Nurses around? Hello! I guess I don’t count as a nurse in his mind.

So we arrive at the hospital, which is closed to kids except for the Radiothon guests, due to the Swine “epidemic” and panic that ensued and Greg announces in his VERY loud voice, “Mom, I think I have H1N1 virus!” I wanted to throw a rug over him, throw him over my shoulder and run! Instead I rummaged through my bag and found my ibuprofen … again. This day has been endless.

By the time we get home I am wiped and the migraine is over taking my head. I know the only thing that will help me now and my husband will have to help me out with it so I can unwind and destress. Actually Tom plays a very critical part… just not the part he would like . He pours my glass of wine, takes the kids upstairs and lets me watch Christmas Story and Elf.

Not a one of you asked, but I thought you would like to know how a normal day is around here these days! I am happy none of these things involved Julia getting treatment and we only went to the hospital to express our gratitude! I will take a headache from Every Day Kid and Holiday Stress over the kind we have had the past 5 Christmases!

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